AS of IS

Want to continue your education after LDS Business College?

Many of our students come to LDS Business College to earn a degree or certificate, so they can work at a career they love while paying for further schooling. To help you in your goal of earning a bachelor's degree, we offer the AS of IS program.

AS of IS stands for "Associate of Science of Integrated Studies." This degree must be combined with a field-specific degree or certificate. The AS of IS allows you to graduate with general education courses that will transfer to every college and university in the state of Utah. As for your field-specific courses, every college and university will review those courses individually to determine if those credits will transfer. This is a process that every transfer student faces in every college across the United States.

As you explore the programs and degrees, you'll see an AS of IS icon. That icon indicates which degrees and certificates can be combined with the AS of IS to give you the jump start you need to transfer to another school and earn your bachelor's degree.

Matthew Tittle

Program Chair - General Studies & Math
M.B.A., Business, Utah State University, 2003

Office 801-524-8146