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A violation to the F-1 status results in the student falling out of status. Students should be alert and watchful of their actions and academic progress to maintain their status. If students choose to incur in status-violating activities after having been instructed on what constitutes a status-violating activity, the procedures and regulations established by law will be enforced.
Status-violating activities include the following:
  1. Staying beyond the period authorized by the Attorney General;
  2. Failure to maintain conditions of status, which include:
    1. Enrolling less than full time without the authorization of a Designated School Official (DSO);
    2. Registering and attending a school other than the I-20-issuing school;
    3. Late applications for transfers or program extensions
    4. Unauthorized employment.
    5. Failing to enroll
    6. Failing to complete 12 credits
Other types of violations, equally serious, are those related to the College's Honor Code. In situations related to Honor Code violations and those of similar nature, the ISO will proceed according to the instructions received from the appropriate departments and individuals.