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A student who is out of status may apply for reinstatement within five months of being out of status, provided that the violation occurred because of circumstances were beyond the student's control. If you are out of status because of employment violations, there is a good chance your reinstatement application will be denied. To apply for reinstatement, make an appointment with the international student advisor and bring the following documentation with you to the appointment.
Additional documents needed for the reinstatement application will be provided when you meet with the international student advisor.
Please note the following regarding a reinstatement request:
  • You may attend school while your reinstatement is pending.
  • Reinstatement is rarely granted for employment related violations
  • You may want to consider traveling outside of the U.S. and reentering the U.S. with a new I-20.
  • If denied reinstatement:
    1. Your Visa will be automatically cancelled and you will only be able to apply for a nonimmigrant Visa from your home country
    2. You will begin accumulating days of "unlawful presence," which could get you barred from reentering the United States pending on how long you stay in the country