General Information

BC Café Meal Plan Policy

Plaza/Lodge Meal Plan

Because dormitory-style housing includes no personal food preparation facilities, all applicants to the Lodge and the Plaza are required to make a $500 dining services payment to LDS Business College as a condition of being eligible to reside in either of those two facilities. The student resident then receives an electronic card with the $500 balance that is usable at the LDS Business College BC Café.
  • The cards are picked up at the BC Cafe.
  • The $500 non-refundable dining services payment is required in full before housing reservations can be made for The Lodge or The Plaza.
  • Residents use this convenient electronic card to purchase meals or snacks at the LDS Business College BC Café which is located adjacent to the main campus building.
  • The balance on the card may be carried from semester to semester until is it used up.
  • Residents have the option of replenishing the card balance at any time by visiting
  • Any balance remaining on the card is forfeited if the student fails to register for classes at the college for two consecutive semesters, including summer session.
  • Participation in the LDS Business College pre-paid food service subsequent to the initial $500 dining services payment is encouraged but is optional.

Regular Student Meal Plan

Any LDS Business College student can purchase a meal plan with a minimum deposit of $20. Students will benefit from an automatic discount when using their account. Students receive a 10% discount, and they are not charged sales tax (currently 7.85%). That is almost a 20% savings!  To purchase your meal plan, contact the BC Café at
View more information at the BC Café's website or view the FAQs for the meal plans.