How the Catalog Impacts You

Did you know that the catalog in effect at the beginning of Fall semester of the academic year you enroll becomes your college catalog? It contains critical information about your time at LDS Business College, including your specific degree requirements. So take the time to get familiar with your catalog! 

When you change your major, your catalog may also change, so it’s important to discuss all of your options with your academic advisor. You can reach your academic advisor through the Student Development Center at or 801-524-8151.

Other important things to know:

  • The catalog is updated once a year, around the first day of fall semester registration.

  • If you leave LDSBC and return at a later date, your catalog year will be updated to the year you return.

  • Catalogs expire after 4 years. This means you must earn your degree within 4 years of enrollment or change your catalog year. New catalogs may change or add requirements to your program.

  • Courses expire after 7 years.


To view the full Fall 2019-20 Academic Catalog, click here

Policy: Catalog Expiration

Students must complete graduation requirements within seven (7) years for an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree, Associate of Science (AS) degree, or a certificate. After seven years the requirements...

Policy: Course Expiration

In areas of study in which the subject matter changes rapidly, material in courses taken long before graduation may become obsolete or irrelevant. Courses completed over seven (7) years ago...