Challenge Exams

Challenge Exams

If you wish to challenge a course and receive credit, LDSBC offers Challenge Examinations.

How Challenge Examinations Work

Challenge Examinations are prepared, approved, administered, and evaluated by the related academic department, in conjunction with the Director of Curriculum and Director of Assessment. Program Chairs and Course Supervisors provide the Registrar’s office with a list of courses which provide challenge examinations on a yearly basis.

Requesting and Taking a Challenge Exam

  1. If you are currently enrolled and pursuing an LDSBC credential, you may apply through the Registrar’s Office on the 2nd floor to take a Challenge Exam for credit.
  2. The Challenge Exam Request form and cost will be published and kept current by the Registrar’s Office.
  3. The Registrar’s Office will forward your request form to the appropriate Program Chair, who will work with faculty to administer and grade the Exam.

  4. The Program Chair will review the recommendation for awarding education credit. If approved, the signed Request for Challenge Exam form will be sent to the Registrar’s Office.

  5. The Registrar’s Office will then notify you of the results and record the awarded credit on your LDSBC transcript.

Things to Know Before You Start

  • Because credit by Challenge Exam is not treated as part of your workload during a regular term, it doesn't require a petition for excess units.
  • A grade of B or better on your Challenge Exam is considered passing.
  • You will receive a P on your transcript if you pass. It will not affect your GPA, and if you fail, it will not show on your transcript.
  • If you are an International student, you'll need approval from the International Student Office before proceeding.
  • You can't take the Challenge Exam if you've previously taken the course and received a grade of D- or higher. You're only eligible to take the Exam if you received an E or a W.
  • You also may NOT complete a Challenge Exam in the same semester that you are registered for the course (i.e., if you register for a course and then decide to take the Challenge Exam, the course must be dropped.)

Please note that challenge credits may not be accepted by other schools or transfer. Challenge credits are only guaranteed to apply at other institutions if you receive your Associates Degree and transfer the entire degree. If you have questions about whether or not challenge credit will be accepted by another institution, please contact that school directly.

Policy: Challenge Examination Policy

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