Global Supply Chain & Operations


The objective of the Business degree at LDS Business College is to meet your needs, whether you want to work in a small business or a large corporation, or start your own entrepreneurial venture. It offers you practical, hands-on, project-based coursework that optimizes your two-year investment and helps propel you into the workforce and a meaningful career. The degree is designed to be foundational and flexible. After the second semester, you may choose from either of the following emphases: Entrepreneurship, Management, Project Management, Professional Sales, or Global Supply Chain & Operations

Global Supply Chain & Operations Emphasis

Careers in supply chain and operations management support a company’s goal to produce goods or services and create steps so that the right amount of those goods or services are delivered to customers at the right time, price and quality. Career options in supply chain and operations management have a wide range from logistics analysts and transportation managers, to quality control and risk management agents.

This experience-driven program gives you both foundational skills and the flexibility to specialize. Because LDS Business College is located in the central business district of Salt Lake City, you’ll have access to an amazing array of opportunities for business research and development. In fact, the College works closely with small, medium, and national companies to give you critical experience while you attend classes. Courses taught by faculty who have real-world experience on a new, high-tech campus make this the only two-year program of its kind in the State.

Instruction in the Global Supply Chain & Operations Emphasis includes the following:

  • Global supply chain management fundamentals
  • Operations management basics, incorporating:
    • Quality
    • Logistics
    • Purchasing
  • Project management fundamentals, tools and techniques
  • Preparation in a choice of recognized industry professional certifications
  • Leadership and strategy
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Professional business writing and oral presentations
  • Skills and practice in budgeting, forecasting, working capital requirements, investment analysis and decision making
  • Business technology
  • Financial and managerial accounting

As part of the program, you will complete an internship to gain practical experience in a real business setting. You’ll also develop a comprehensive resume and employment portfolio encompassing your body of scholastic work.

What else is here for you?

  • Small classes – Average class size is 24. That means more one-on-one time with the faculty.
  • LDS environment – Your experience will include friends who share your goals and values.
  • Affordable – Tuition is $1,530 per semester. About 70% of freshmen scholarship applicants receive awards. More than 50% of the College’s students qualify for federal financial aid.
  • Degrees & Certificates – Students can earn a two-year Associate of Applied Science degree in Business with a Management emphasis as well as a one-year Accounting or Professional Sales certificate.

Career Opportunities

The Business degree prepares students for employment in a business career as a business owner, operations and supply chain manager, as a professional in the areas of Quality, Purchasing, and Logistics, project manager, professional salesperson, or as an effective employee in the great variety of business career opportunities that exist. Salaries are competitive.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, successful graduates will be able to:

  • Confirm personal testimony in the restored gospel of Jesus Christ Collaborate with others using interpersonal skills in an honest, ethical, and Christ-like manner
  • Communicate effectively using written and verbal presentation principles
  • Construct new knowledge using technology and information resource tools
  • Comprehend and think critically to solve problems
  • Cultivate a strong, professional work ethic and life-long learning opportunities
  • Assess the impact of global events and economies on local business
  • Apply basic fundamentals of global supply chain and operations management
  • Use different skills, tools, and techniques to effectively manage quality, logistics, purchasing, projects, and every function related to operating a business
  • Coordinate all business processes to create value for customers
  • Use organizational and multi-tasking skills to improve efficiencies
  • Apply proper leadership and management skills to projects

Required courses and graduation requirements