Services Department Directory

Below is a list of LDS Business College department contacts.  If you’re not sure who you need to speak with, feel free to contact the Student Development Center at 801-524-8152.

Academic Office

Academic administration, full-time and part-time faculty employment.

Office 801-524-8166


We're here to help with your application and other admissions questions.

Office 801-524-8145


Pre-order textbooks and shop for school supplies and LDS Business College gear.

Office 801-524-8130

Campus visits

Want to tour the LDS Business College campus right in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City? Call today to schedule a visit.

Office 801-524-8159

Career Services

Access the tools and instruction to prepare and search for a job—on or off campus.

Office 801-524-1925

Cashier’s Office

Need to check your balance or make a payment? We’re here to help with tuition, insurance and more.

Office 801-524-8153

Degrees & Certificates

All areas of study have a dedicated academic advisor to assist students in their planning efforts. If you have any questions regarding an area of study, degree, or certificate, our academic advisors are ready to help.

Office 801-524-8151


Office 801-524-8150

Financial Aid Office

Have questions about financial aid, loans or grants? Our team can help you make the most of your options.

Office 801-524-8111

Help Desk

Come to the Help Desk for support with accessing user accounts and operating college computers.

Office 801-524-8119

Honor Code Office

Discover the purpose of the honor code and ask questions.

Office 801-524-8157


Experience college life the immersive way and find a place to live nearby.

Office 801-524-8180

Media Relations

For specific quotes, pictures or interview requests, members of the media may contact the Public Affairs office. Downloadable logos, photos and other LDSBC information can be found at

Office 801-524-8174


Learn everything you need to know about registration, transcripts and class schedules.


Need help finding and applying for scholarships? Not sure what you qualify for? We can help.

Office 801-524-8111

Student Development Center

Questions about how to make the most of your college experience? We can help you access tutoring, mentoring and disability services so you can reach your full potential.

Office 801-524-8151