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Right Decision

Class of ’08
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
I went on my mission at age 24. When I got home, I met Havelah. Four months later, we got married. We married while I was in my first semester at LDS Business College. Life was really good. We had our first daughter a year later. I just kept going to school and working. A couple of months later we found out we were expecting again, and had our second little girl the following December.
Going to school, going to work, and having two children was challenging. I was 26 years old then, eight years since I’d been in high school. Brother [Paul] Gardiner was one of my teachers—an amazing teacher, super caring and sensitive. I had planned to work full time some semesters, and go to school other semesters, off and on. I told him my plans. He told me that there would always be great opportunities out there, but the longer I put off school, the harder it would be to finish.
I’d been praying for guidance. It was exactly what I needed to hear. I talked it over with Havelah, who is super supportive. We decided I’d continue to work part time and go on through and finish school. That’s what I’ve been doing ever since. I’m now at BYU working to complete a business finance degree in 2011.
When I got home from my mission, I was looking for something small, like a community college. I don’t remember how I found LDS Business College, but looking at it online, it just seemed like the right fit. It was the perfect starting point for me because of the small classes. And I could have a lot of the one-on-one with teachers that I needed.
Getting into educational learning again was new, but my mission experience helped me have good study habits and develop goal setting. It was a bit of a challenge, but it was the perfect atmosphere. We started classes with prayer. I read the different quotes around the building by President [Gordon B.] Hinckley and others, and I was excited to be there because it was a place created for students to learn. It was faith building. It helped me to believe that I could learn. To be honest, I wasn’t a very good student in high school, so to be able to learn well really helped build my testimony of the Holy Ghost and the power he has to teach us.
Along with Brother Gardiner, every teacher I ever went to for scholastic help made me feel like their time spent with me was not burdensome to them. They were always willing to help. They wanted me to walk away with the knowledge of whatever question I’d gone to them with. They let me know that I could schedule an appointment any time to see them. It’s neat to not worry about taking up a professor’s time. It was almost like a friendship. They made you feel you were on an equal level. All the professors I went to made me feel like that.
I don’t think I would be in school right now if it wasn’t for Brother Gardiner and other teachers like him that care about students, care about where they’re going, and care about their futures. They’re not just trying to get the semester over. They’re focused on what they can do to help students with their futures. This College was the best starting point in my education.