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Brace Yourself

Class of ’09
Business Skills
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
At first I wasn’t really planning to go to college at all. I moved to Utah to work and live and start over. Then I decided I really wanted to pursue an education. I heard about LDSBC from a good friend, visited the campus, and knew the first time I visited campus that I wanted to go here.
My first and strongest impression of the College was that the Spirit was here. I could feel it when I walked through the doors. It was overwhelming at first, but it was good because I needed it.  The knowledge that you gain here is enlightened by that Spirit, and by the Light of Christ.  That’s something that you don’t really get a lot of other places.  Also, you could tell that the professors here really cared about what they do, and they care and love every one of their students.  That’s something I really liked.
I love the location here; it’s close to Temple Square. Every window that you look out that’s facing eastward faces toward the Temple. When you look at it, it’s breathtaking.  It’s enlightening to know that while you’re here getting a secular education it reminds you to remain focused spiritually as well. It sets a special tone.
It’s easy to get lost in other places, to become a number. But here you feel loved, and know that you’re gaining knowledge to better yourself and become something.  That’s an experience I haven’t had anywhere else in my life.  I’ve been to a lot of different places, and that’s something I’ve never experienced.
My first day in class I was wondering if seeking an education was the thing I should be doing. I had felt a kind of confirmation from prayer and meditation, but I was still unsure. But when I went to class, I realized that I can learn and study by faith and that is the most efficient and the best way I can gain knowledge. The Spirit I felt in class that day was something I needed, and something I had been praying for and hungering and thirsting after. And when I received that impression, it made me want to stick to what I came here to do, to gain knowledge and become something.
The ways the College has helped me to understand what it is to become something is by not only through what we learn in class but because faculty provide me with the tools needed to use that information. They help me to become a better disciple of Christ, a tool in the hands of the Lord.  At the College, they encourage you, they push you. They urge you to thirst after knowledge, to act upon that knowledge, and to use that knowledge to better yourself, the people around you, and to build the kingdom of Zion.
People ask, “So, where do you go to school?” And I say, “LDS Business College.” And they say, “What is that?” Then I get to go into my whole spiel about what the College is and how much I love it here. In Matthew we read that “by their fruits ye shall know them.” I believe that here at the College, we are the fruit. There’s a glow that we carry, a bounce in our step.
You feel the Spirit coming to this school, and when you’re immersed in that environment, you carry that light around with you. When I started coming here, people noticed a change in my countenance. That to me was surprising, but it meant that I must be doing something right.
What would I say to a student coming to LDSBC? Congratulations, you’ve come to the best place in the world. Brace yourselves for one of the most blessed and spiritual experiences of your life. Your experience here can be one of the best you’ll ever experience, and you will be able to enrich your life in more ways than just learning and going to college. You’ll be able to grow your testimony even stronger. It’s unlike any other place that you’re ever going to be.