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Lasting Impact

Class of ’04
Business; Accounting
Bountiful, Utah, USA
The College has had a great impact on me in so many ways.  First, right after I graduated I was able to get a wonderful job at the Church Office Building because I had a degree in both business and accounting.  That job opened the doors that allowed me to get where I am now.
My time at the College also helped me in the social setting to learn how to work better with people.  Just the other day I helped my husband write a paper on classroom sizes and how wonderful it is to have a small classroom setting.  I realized that my experience at the College of having more one-on-one time with my teachers and more one-on-one time with the other students as we worked together on projects helped me to have better focus at work.  I think those experiences also help me learn to communicate better with my husband.
My time at the College also helped me with leadership skills.  Having been on the Student Council, it helped me get those creative leadership juices going.  When I was on my mission working with missionaries or members or in an outreach program to investigators it was easy for me to organize things because I had done so many things like that with activities or dances.
On the spiritual side, it gave me the confidence and the testimony that I needed on my mission.
Would I do it again?  Hands down, I would definitely do it again.  The educational, spiritual, social, emotional experience I had at LDS Business College prepared me and set me for the life I’m living now.  I did well at the College because the faculty taught in a way to help each student learn. They adapted the material to our ability to learn. They were definitely there for us both as teachers and as friends.
When I first went to the College a lot of the drive of my parents was in encouraging me to go there so that I could get in and out with a degree and skills to help me in a career or to be able to further my education.  My family has been substantially influenced by the College.  Ten of my brothers and sisters attended, three met their spouses there, three of us held student offices, and several earned multiple degrees.  The family tradition has been to go to the College and get an accounting degree.  That tradition started years ago when Mom and Dad decided their older children weren’t getting the job skills they needed. So they pulled them out of their universities and sent them to the College. It was their view that their children should gain practical training and work experience in their field of study as they pursued their college degrees and postgraduate work. They should also have some basic job skills to fall back on. We all loved the College. We thought it ought to be called LDS "Barlow" College.
So that was always my mindset that I could get a degree with skills and do it at a rapid pace.  But even if it had taken me longer, the courses and the atmosphere are worth it.
After graduating from the College I worked at the Church office Building for about a year, and then I went on my mission.  When I came home from my mission I went to BYU for a semester.  I loved the fact that I could transfer all my credits over.  That helped a great deal.  I was about to start my second semester, but I got married and decided that I needed to continue my work at the Church Office Building.
The time that I spent at the College was very valuable.  When I was a student I thought the education I received was just for me, but it’s not just for me.  All of the skills that I have learned and everything that I’ve experienced have benefited the lives of others and I know that they will benefit my future family.