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Perfect Environment

Class of ’08
Victoria, Canada
I came to the College on faith. It was scary, such a big change in my life. I’d never lived in a different country, never been to Salt Lake City. But I knew because the Lord wanted me to do it, he’d take care of me.
It was like before I became a member of the Church. I was Christian but never really strong. In high school, some friends I associated with, especially in the choir, were LDS. One of my friends was going to seminary at lunch time. I asked where he was going and when he told me, I asked if I could go. That’s when I realized even more people in my classes were LDS. I made friends with them, started going to activities and then to Church. I finally met with the missionaries and, two and a half weeks later, I got baptized.
Everything they taught me I’d already believed in. Everything rang true. It made sense in my mind. I prayed about the Book of Mormon, and everything. One day at work the Spirit came to me and said it’s true. I got baptized December 14, 2002.
 I planned to go on a mission. After I graduated from high school, I moved in with some friends from church. I went out with the sister missionaries all the time on exchanges, tracting with them to prepare for my mission. When it came time to fill out the papers, the Lord told me that was not the plan He had for me.
 A friend in my ward told me about LDS Business College and their accounting program. Right away I knew that was what I was going to do. I had a fifth grade teacher who believed in me a lot, and was strong in math. I knew that accountants dealt with math, and ever since then wanted to do accounting.
I did some research about the College and the program. My grandparents helped me with the money to come. I’d tried saving up, but it wasn’t enough. And then I came. I didn’t know the area, so I called the bishop and the Relief Society president and they helped me find a roommate.
The first day of school I was excited and nervous. It was great. Going from a high school with not too many members to a college that was almost all LDS students where we could pray in class or talk about the Gospel was wonderful—the perfect environment. Having prayer in class was an awesome way to bring the Spirit in to help us learn. I actually liked going to college compared to high school, and I think that’s why.
The College had good-sized classes where I could really learn and interact with not only the students, but the teachers as well. A lot of different people, from lots of cultures, made it more interesting to attend. The good thing was, we all had the same beliefs and faith, so even though we were all different, we were the same in that way. It made it feel a whole lot more like family. That was one big difference from this school compared to others.
It was nice to look out the windows and see the temple. The spiritual environment helped me a lot. It made me feel more at home. I didn’t have family there. Having the Church made that huge change a lot easier. Going to a Church school made it easier to make friends because a lot of us were in the same situation.
I loved the devotionals. I tried every week to go. They were an uplift in the middle of the week. They made you think, ponder. It was really good to get perspectives from the different speakers.
I attended for three years and earned my associate degree in accounting, plus an accounting certificate. Even better, I met my husband, Noah, there. It was his first year and my last year. We were friends, but we just started hanging out together more, and eventually he proposed. We were married a year ago.
When I came here to this College, I didn’t know what to expect. But I knew the Lord wanted me here, so I took that leap of faith. And it paid off in a lot of ways.