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Intrinsic Rewards

Class of ’09
General Studies
Eltopia, Washington, USA
Coming to LDS Business College, I was extremely nervous as I knew not a soul in the entire Salt Lake Valley. But working at LDSBC as the billing and tuition clerk and as a student body officer gave me experience that will last a lifetime.
When it came time for me to find an internship, I frantically searched and searched. I felt prompted to apply for a job at an outdoor gear wholesale distributorship that listed in bold letters, “Two years of accounting experience and a 4-year degree required.” With just one year of accounting experience and a two-year accounting degree, I applied.
After three interviews, I was given the job from a pool of 56 applicants. The owner of the company told me he was impressed with the selection of my educational institution, and with my agricultural background. I grew up on a small farm in Washington state where I worked long hours, rising and resting with the sun.
Four months later I was no longer an intern but a full-time employee with great pay and full benefits. I am more than grateful for the accounting principles I learned at LDS Business College and for my work ethic I learned as a child on my family’s farm.
This internship/job career opened my eyes to the work place and allowed me to use the accounting skills I gained at the College. I have taught co-workers and even my manager different accounting skills and principles that they knew nothing about. It’s a good feeling to apply what I learned each day in my life. It makes me grateful to my accounting teachers for what they taught me and what I knowledge I gained through them. I can solemnly say that over 75% of the accounting skills I learned I apply in my day-to-day life. The money I put into my education is something I will never regret.
 I cannot admit to being successful and content with my job without acknowledging the true hand that has led me the entire way in my life. I know that I would not have had these incredible opportunities without help from my Father in Heaven. My trials come and are harder than ever, but I am grateful for them because they are molding me into a better person. I have gained a stronger relationship with my Savior, Jesus Christ, and I see His guidance daily. Every single step of my journey has been a twisting, scary road, yet it was not coincidence that I decided to go to LDS Business College after having already enrolled at BYU. It was not coincidence that I had the privilege of building up my experience here.
I have learned that life is not about what you have but what you give to the world and to those around you. It is the intrinsic rewards I have gained while attending the College that have helped me realize it is important to never give up what I want most for what I want at the moment.
 I did not believe I would ever say this, but through my education at LDS Business College and my internship, I have learned how to become a great wife and mother some day. Responsibility, money management, people skills, computer skills…all of these will only improve my life. The path is bright, and as long as I put my trust in the Lord, I know that my future has endless potential.