A hold on your account can prevent you from accessing a number of important College services, including registration and access to official transcripts. Please regularly review the Student Center in your MyBC account and resolve any holds promptly.

Be aware that as a student at LDS Business College, you will need to submit a continuing student Ecclesiastical Endorsement each year to remain active at the College. The Registration office will begin accepting continuing student Ecclesiastical Endorsements beginning on March 1st of each academic year.

Forms may be submitted by the following methods:

LDS Business College Registration Office
95 North 300 West
Salt Lake City, Utah 84101

Email (note that email is not a secure method):


In person:
The Registration Office is located on the second floor.


Below is a list of other holds that may prevent registration, financial aid disbursement, or international status:



Academic Standing Hold

Student Development Office at 801-524-8151.

Prevent Class Enrollment

Tuition and billing office at (801) 524-8153.

F-1 Hold

International Student Office at (801) 524-8169.

Int'l Student Office

International Student Office at (801) 524-8169.

Student Development Center

Student Development Office at 801-524-8151
or Testing Services at 801-524-1988.

Transcript & Enrollment Hold

Cashier's Office at (801) 524-8143 or  cashier@ldsbc.edu.

Readiness Testing

Student Development Office at 801-524-8151
or Testing Services at 801-524-1988.

Policy: Continuing Ecclesiastical Endorsement

Effective since

Students must be in good Honor Code standing to be admitted to, continue enrollment at, and graduate from LDS Business College. The term "good Honor Code standing" means...