How can I prepare for school?

Complete your BC Prep Course and STEP One of your Student Tailored Education Plan. These resources are designed to help you ORIENT, CONNECT, and PREPARE for your upcoming experience.


What's on the agenda?

Monday, January 9th

8:00 - 5:00 Semester Prep

Complete your Semester Prep Checklist. Follow suggestions for “Making the Most of Orientation.”


Tuesday, January 10th



Get your orientation materials.

(LDSBC Lobby, 1st Floor)

8:15 - 9:10  Welcome to LDSBC

Welcome message; Student speakers; Career Services; Become acquainted with the unique mission and environment of LDS Business College.

(Multi-Purpose Room, 1st Floor)

9:25 - 10:15 Student   Connect Session

White: Room 301 - 304

Blue: Room 501 - 504

Yellow: Room 601 - 604

Green: Room 701 - 704

10:20 - 11:15 Program Overviews

Meet with your teachers and program directors. See “Program Overviews” on the inside flap.

11:15 - 11:40 Travel to Devotional

Conference Center Theater

(Conference Center, Doors 1-3)

11:40 - 12:30 Devotional

Join the campus community to be enlightened, elevated, and ennobled at the site of our weekly devotionals.

12:45 - 1:30 Lunch

Grab lunch at the BC Café and head to the Multi-Purpose Room for hot cocoa, clubs, and sponsors.

1:30 - 5:00 Semester Prep

Complete your Semester Prep Checklist. Follow suggestions for “Making the Most of Orientation.”


Where should I park?

You can access the LDSBC Parking Garage from either 400 North or South Temple.



How can I make the most of orientation?

The purpose of Orientation at LDS Business College is to ORIENT, CONNECT, and PREPARE. Take a moment to review these ideas and make a plan to make the most of your orientation experience.


  • Make sure you attend Tuesday’s devotional, which was planned just for you!
  • Visit the institute and ask them for ideas about how to grow spiritually at the College.
  • Take a tour of the College during “semester prep” and look for symbolism meaningful to you.
  • Write in your journal about the Spirit you felt during orientation.


  • Even if you’re shy, take the initiative to meet at least a few new people—don’t wait for them to come to you!
  • Make sure you meet your program chair—shake their hand during program breakouts or visit them during “semester prep.”
  • Carry a prayer in your heart to help you better understand why heaven has brought you here.


  • Make sure to accomplish as many items on the “semester prep” checklist you can, even those you don’t “have to” do.
  • Get a copy of your class schedule and walk the halls as though you were going to your classes. Ask your teachers what you could do to be better prepared for the first day of class.
  • Ask your program director or current students for their advice on how you can be successful this semester. Take notes…and review them!
  • As you go through the various parts of orientation, ask yourself, “What more should I do to be better prepared?” Record impressions and create a plan to act upon them.