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Computer Science Courses

CS 112 – Programming Fundamentals (3)
Prerequisites: None
Description: This course introduces the student to the basic concepts of computer programming including Loops, Methods, Arrays, Classes, and Strings. It uses an online learning environment which encourages the student to try different ways of doing things while providing guidance and assistance during this initial learning experience.

CS 115 – Program Design & Graphics (3)
Prerequisites: CS 112
Description: This course continues the exploration into key programming concepts and methods. It digs deeper into GUI design and Graphics requirements. The course provides lots of hands-on projects where the student works together in teams to develop different applets.

CS 135 – HTML with CSS (3)
Prerequisites: CS 112
Description: Hyper-Text Markup Language is the building block of the internet. Students in this course will be designing and building websites and utilizing Cascading Style Sheets to ensure consistency and commonality across pages. This course will allow the students to work in groups as they design and build different websites and web services.

CS 160 – Agile Project Management (2)
PM 140, CS 115
Description: Prepares the student to design significant programs using the Unified Modeling Language (UML) and then continue beyond the design phase to actually build and implement the technology using an Agile development methodology. This course is to be taken in conjunction with CS 290 which is the projects lab. Each student in the Agile class will be part of a project team that will build an application from design to completion.

CS 176 Windows Application Development (3)
Prerequisites: CS 112
Description: Provides skills in object-oriented program design and development; principles of algorithm formulation and implementation. Student will learn the basics of Windows, Web and Mobile development using the Microsoft .NET development platform.

CS 180 – Sets, Graphs and Discrete Structures (4)
MAT 110, CS 115
Description: This course explores discrete mathematical structures which are critical in designing and developing solid software solutions. The course will delve into logic, relations, functions, graph theory, finite-state machines and more.

CS 260 – Team Projects Lab (4)
: CS 160 (may be taken concurrently)
Description: Validates the knowledge and skills developed from previous Computer Science courses. This project class is designed to be taken in conjunction with CS 160 so that each student will be part of a development team which will be managed by a Project Manager using the Agile development methodology. The teams will design and build an actual application. The teams will be expected to present the proposed project plan to an Executive Committee who will determine whether the plan is sufficient. Once the plan has been approved, the teams will be expected to design, build and implement the software solution to completion and document the results. A final report and presentation will be given to the Executive Committee for final signoff.

CS 276 – ASP .NET Web Application Development (3)
CS 176
Description: This course explores server controls and web parts using ASP.NET, ADO.NET, XML and LINQ. The student will work in teams and will learn how to develop large-scale internationally oriented websites as well as troubleshoot and debug web applications.

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