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BC Cafe Meal Plan

Students can purchase a meal plan with a minimum deposit of $20. Students receive a 10% discount, and they are not charged sales tax (currently 7.85%). That is almost a 20% savings.

Do the Math

If a student purchases a $3 meal, instead of costing $3.24 including taxes, it will only cost $2.70, saving the student $0.54.

How to Purchase

  • Go to the Cashier’s Office on the 2nd floor.
  • Request a Carriage Café meal plan.
  • Pay the minimum $20.
  • Allow the cashier to link your payment with your student ID card.
  • Allow 24 hours for the funds to become available.

Go to the BC Cafe website for more information.

For students living at the Plaza or the Lodge housing are required to purchase a $500 meal plan through the LDS Business College because these facilites don't have personal food preparation facilities. See the BC Café Meal Plan Policy for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will $500 feed my student for the whole semester?
  • No. Rarely is a student who eats at BC Cafe able make the $500 last the whole semester. Obviously the more meals they eat at BC Cafe, the quicker their money will be used up.
I thought the BC Cafe was there to supply my student with 3 meals/day, 7 days/week. Why are you closed for holidays, Saturdays, and Sundays?
  • Since the $500 will not last the entire semester, and since LDS Business College does not require students to buy a meal plan like most colleges (the $500 is required only if you will be living in certain housing units, and only a one-time payment, unlike most college meal plans that require that amount or more every single semester), we are not required to be and should not be expected to be the sole provider of every meal the students consume.
  • We have found through careful study and planning that certain times of the week are not cost effective to be open. For example, we used to be open on Saturdays and Sundays, but students rarely visited the BC Cafe during those times. Additionally, holidays and semester breaks are times that most students either go home or have other activities occupying their time, so it is not cost effective to stay open.
  • The BC Cafe is self-sustaining, meaning that as an auxiliary department of the LDS Business College, no tuition or other funds should be used to operate the BC Cafe. We try to serve tasty, well rounded meals that are cost-effective for the students. There is a balancing act that goes on in deciding where to price our food. We could charge a higher price to increase our margins, but we want to keep the prices down so more students can afford to eat at BC Cafe. If we served lower quality food items, certainly our costs would decrease, but we probably wouldn't get repeat customers. In addition, about 1/2 of our sales come from outside customers, from places such as KSL television and radio, Triad Center employees, and Fidelity Investments. These customers expect a fairly high quality of food.
  • All of these factors go into what we do regarding menu, pricing, quality and value. With these in mind we schedule our hours of operation to maximize our efforts. We try to be open only during those hours of the day when we will get the highest amount of customers in the shortest amount of time. This saves on labor costs, wasted food that no one purchases and other associated costs of running the BC Cafe.
If you are not open, what options does my student have for those meals?
  • There are many options available. There is a Walmart Supercenter just one block from the Trax station at 1300 South where they can buy groceries. Also, there is a Harmons Grocery Store one block East of the City Creek Trax station. Their housing provides small refrigerators and means for heating up meals. The Gateway shopping center is just one Trax station past the college, and there are many fast food and sit down dining options available there.
When my student uses up all the money on their account, what should we do?
  • In case you are not aware, when students use their account they receive a 10% discount, and they are not charged sales tax (currently 7.85%). If your student wishes to continue eating at BC Cafe you should add more money onto their account. This process needs to be done at the Cashier’s Office at LDS Business College. This can be accomplished either by sending money to your student and having them go to the Cashier's Office, or by calling the office at 801-524-8153. The funds will then be added to your student's meal plan account within 24 hours. There is a minimum deposit required of $20.00.
  • We have seen in some cases that a student will have used all the funds in their account, then pay with cash or credit/debit card for the remainder of the semester in anticipation of adding more money onto their account for the next semester. However, by doing this they do not get the discount and they have to pay sales tax. The discounts only apply when using funds from their account. This is due to government regulations and their definition of what constitutes a meal plan. If possible, always keep money in your student's account so that they can take advantage of the available discounts.
Will the money on my student's account still be there when they return next semester?
  • Yes. Any funds in their account will continue to be there when they return next semester.
My student will not be returning to LDS Business College but they have money in their account. Can they get a refund?
  • No. They have two options. 1) They can spend all the money in their account by making purchases at the BC Cafe or at the Bookstore. 2) The funds in the account stay in the account for 1 full year after the student stops attending LDS Business College. They can continue to use that account until the funds are used up, even if they are not attending LDSBC. If you have any questions about this policy, please call the LDSBC Cashiers Office at 801-524-8153.
Can my student buy food for their friends and family with their account?
  • Yes. Your student can use the funds in their account however they wish. Either a student ID or other ID is required to use an account, so your student must be present to buy food for their friends and family. We cannot not allow anyone to access a student account without ID.
How can I find out how much money is remaining on my student's account?
  • Every time a purchase is made, your student may request a copy of the receipt. This will show the remaining account balance. We do not provide this information otherwise. If you wish to find out the balance, please ask your student to provide that for you.

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