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Social Media Marketing Course Descriptions

SMM 105 Introduction to Social Media Marketing (3)
Prerequisites: None
Description: Discover why social media is a disruptive wave of innovation. Learn about its history and how it affects your personal and professional future. Understand the structure, design, technology, and pros and cons of numerous social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Google+ and others. Explore how social commerce is now interconnected to multiple aspects of business. Build a foundational knowledge of how companies use social media for marketing, analytics, customer service and more. Establish a continuous learning pattern to stay current with this ever-changing world of social technologies. 

SMM 120 Social Media Marketing Strategy I (3)
Description: Learn the most current marketing principles and become competitive in new world-social media marketing strategies. Learn how to set company and campaign goals. Understand how to segment customers and develop a common language that is relevant. Become proficient with messaging and storytelling about the company vs. the customer. Understand how to measure the results of new-world marketing initiatives. Learn about many of the tools and technologies available to help manage and successfully execute the marketing for companies both large and small.

SMM 130 Social Media Marketing Content I (3)
Description: Content is king! This class helps you become a king (or queen) of content. Understanding how to create and produce great content for all of the various marketing channels will become one of your greatest skills. Learn how to identify and create great content through copy, pictures, videos, infographics, etc. Know the balance between content about yourself/your company vs. content about the customer's true needs and interests. Begin to learn the power of content driven customer advocacy and how to drive measurable results.

SMM 140 Web Management (3)
Description: Learn how to build great websites faster, cheaper and easier than most people know is even possible. This course will teach you how to use open sourced platforms to develop, design, optimize, customize and manage company websites. You will also learn how to integrate the latest social and mobile trends into these websites. This specific skill will become a valuable asset when applying for jobs. Open-sourced web development skills will set you apart in this new world of social media marketing.

SMM 150 Social Media Marketing Data and Analytics (3)
Description: Good data analysis can make or break a company. Data should drive innovation, pricing, resources, and even culture. This class teaches how to capture the right data and then know what to do with it. You will learn how to use both free and paid tools to capture and analyze data from various online platforms. The value of data and analytics is that you are much better positioned to make the right decisions. Considering that people who make decisions for the company are typically those that run the company, this class will give you a life-long standout skill.

SMM 160 Social Media Marketing Advertising and Advocacy
Description: Nike recently shifted their $800,000,000 marketing budget to social and digital because it is much easier to target, track, measure, adjust, and scale. This class with teaches why and how to market and advertise via multiple social platforms. Companies spend advertising dollars within various channels such as TV, print, radio, billboards, conventions, newspapers, etc. Learn how to stretch those marketing dollars and present strategies to those responsible for budgets and growth. Show executives who is looking, where they are looking, when, why, how, and what they do because of targeted ads. Proven results, open doors!

Discover what it takes to create a raving fan and then convert that fan into your sales force. Word of Mouth” marketing has always been one of the most powerful and successful marketing strategies. With social media marketing they call it “World of Mouth!” This class teaches you how to develop deep relationships with specific customers who absolutely love your products or services; or brand advocates, evangelists, and loyalists. The goal is to use the passion and love these people have for your brand and convert it into high-growth, sustainable revenue. Not only can these people become your sales force but they can, and should direct the very future of your company. Learning how to do this could become one of the most valuable skills of your career.

SMM 199 Social Media Marketing Lecture Series (1)
Description: This is your chance to learn from the best! Once a week you will hear from different experts in the fields of social media marketing, entrepreneurship, business development, design, consulting, content, and more. Each lecturer will be carefully selected based on his or her life lessons, belief in God, and passion for helping others become successful. The goal is to inspire and open student’s minds to the possibilities this amazing world has in store.

SMM 210 Social Media Marketing Strategy II (3)
 SMM 120
Description: This course teaches the Collect – Connect – Convert model! One of a company’s greatest assets is customer data; the more the merrier. Learn how to collect not only data but new customers and better customers. Once you have collected both data and people, it is critical to connect with them in personal and relevant ways. Connecting with your customers will inspire advocacy, retention and referrals. Those brand advocates that you collect and connect with will become the driving force behind your revenue and sustainability. This class teaches how to develop a collect, connect, and convert process that can be automated using various tools and systems currently available. Incorporate many of the strategies, skills, and best practices from past classes into real-life situations. Create successful campaigns with measurable results. Develop content affordably and quickly that actually drives results. Add projects and case studies to their personal online portfolios show employers examples of their work in the field and work well individually as well as in groups to create great campaigns.

SMM 296 Personalized Online Portfolio (1)
 ENG 220
Description: Develop your personal brand and online portfolio. Let the world know who you really are, what projects you have done, what you are passionate about and why you would add so much value to an organization. As a personal brand you will define a market segment and ideally position yourself for that specific industry. Creating a personal brand strategy and online presence will be a life-long asset. This will basically be like your resume on super-steroids; work history, strengths, career path, recommendation, honors, portfolios, and personality all in one place.

SMM 299 Social Media Marketing Internship (2)
Description: Each student will have the chance to work on campaigns or even overall social management for real companies. This hands on experience will be the best way for them to apply what they have learned and build their personal portfolios. Many students should get jobs with either the companies they intern with or through a referral/networking opportunity that came from the internship.

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