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Foundations of Learning - FAQ

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Q : What is Foundations of Learning?
A : Foundations of Learning is a one-credit hour elective course rooted in scripture and teachings of the brethren to the College.
The course helps you understand and apply principles that can help you make the most of your educational experience. Many students have found that applying these principles has also helped them in many ways at home, at work, and in Church. In short, this course helps you to become a better disciple of Christ and serve others more effectively in nearly every aspect of life, now and throughout your life.
Although this class is NOT a study skills class, many students have said that applying the principles covered in the course has helped them significantly with their ability to do well in school. However, taking this course alone does not guarantee success in school or in life—students reap the greatest rewards when they work hard, involve the Lord, and diligently apply the principles they study.
Q : Who should take this course?
A : Although you aren't required to take LE 115, the College strongly recommends it for all students, and especially for students coming to LDS Business College for the first time or after a period of time away from the College.
Some of the kinds of people who have benefited the most from taking this course include:
  • Return missionaries
  • Students preparing to go on a mission
  • Students right out of high school
  • Transfer students
  • Students who have done well in school
  • Students who have struggled in school
We have found that students who take this course their first semester get more out of it than students who take it subsequent semesters, so if there is any way of making it work with your schedules now, we highly recommend it.
Q : Why should I take this course?
A : Foundations addresses some of the core issues that make LDS Business College what it is.
Without this course, you may miss out on some of the most important opportunities available to you here. Foundations also helps you learn the Lord's way, which the brethren have taught may be one of the most important responsibilities and greatest challenges we face today, and will only become more vital given the world we are entering into.
Some of the benefits participants have experienced in the past are making new friends, getting involved on campus, improved GPA, increased likelihood of graduating, meeting College administrators and other personnel, doing better in other classes, having a better overall experience at the College, etc.
Q : Does this course fulfill any requirements?
A : While the class does not fill any requirements for any of our programs, it does count as elective credit and it does count towards credits for graduation.
Also, the Foundations experience is important preparation for students wishing to participate in the College's Mentor & Ambassador  program and helps students work towards earning the Live with Honor award.
Q : What kinds of things are covered in Foundations of Learning?
A : While the entire range of topics and principles is too broad to cover her, the following is a brief sampling of the kinds of things you can learn about in the Foundations experience:
  • How understanding doctrine and what it means to be a child of God can impact your learning and other aspects of life
  • Important elements of building and strengthening a firm foundation
  • Improving your desire to learn
  • The divine nature and prophetic destiny of LDS Business College and our students
  • How to become a better disciple of Christ and be more serviceable to God and His children
  • Temples of Learning
  • Living with Honor Seeking Learning by Study and Faith and other principles of Learning the Lord's way
  • Learning from life's challenges and overcoming obstacles to learning
Q : Is there anything else I should know about the Foundations experience?
A : Yes! There is so much more to learn about this experience, but the space does not allow us to address everything (we encourage you to speak with a Foundations representative to learn more). Here are a few points we would like to highlight:
  1. The course offers and environment free from the stresses of more traditional classes (e.g., no tests or difficult papers, etc.). Grades are based primarily on coming to class prepared (having done the assignments), being engaged, and completing a meaningful project.
  2. The course can be tailored in many ways to help you meet your personal needs and interests.
  3. The course demands much in terms of effort and application and a willingness to do things you may not be accustomed to doing in other courses (for example, you must take responsibility for your learning).
  4. Many sections of the course are facilitated primarily by students whose lives have been impacted by the course and who best understand what you're going through. These sections also include insight from service missionaries and other faculty and staff members.
Also, it is important to note that the Foundations experience extends far beyond the walls of the classroom. Whether you want to learn and get help applying Foundations principles for the first time or you want to build upon and strengthen your foundation, we invite you to learn more about the following opportunities available to help you:
  • Foundations Firesides: This mini-devotionals series takes place once a month on Thursdays at 11:10 in the Multi Purpose Room. Members of the campus community hear student stories of how the College has impacted them, a mini-devotional covering Foundations principles (sometimes from a guest speaker), and enjoy refreshments, sociality, and engage in a variety of activities.
  • Mentoring: Students can learn in a one-one environment Foundations principles from peer and missionary mentors.
  • Foundations On-line: While this resource is still being currently developed, we invite you to be looking for on-line resources to help you establish and strengthen a firm foundation in the near future.
Q : What if I can't take the class during the time(s) it is offered?
A : Foundations of Learning is offered at many different times to increase the likelihood that at least one of the sections will work with students' schedules.
For those for whom this is still not an option, section three is an on-line, independent study course that allows students the flexibility of completing the course in a manner conducive to their schedule.
In the event that the course still doesn't work with your schedule, we encourage you to try arranging your schedule the following semester to take it. While the class seems to have the most impact during a student's first semester at the College, many students have still found it to be very beneficial in subsequent semesters.
Q : I have questions about paying for this course or how it will affect my credit hours?
A : Students wishing to be a part of the Foundations of Learning experience who have concerns about financing the course or how it may affect their credit hours should contact the Director of Student Support to explore options available to meet their needs (see contact information below).
Q : I still have questions and want to learn more about Foundations of Learning. Can I talk to someone?
A : Absolutely! We encourage you to talk to former Foundations students, any of the course instructors, or to the advisor to the Foundations experience. Please call 801.524.8172 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Also, you can talk to someone in person by coming to suite 201 and asking to speak to a Foundations of Learning representative. More information about the Foundations experience can be found in print in suite 201 or online at www.ldsbc.edu (click on programs, other academic information, then Foundations of Learning).

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