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In the News

Foundations of Learning students and the Foundations experience have been featured in various settings. The following are a few highlights:

Foundations Students Meet with the General Young Women's Presidency

Many Foundations students who have also been participating in the Mentor & Ambassador program were able to spend an hour and a half with Sister Elaine S. Dalton, General Young Women's President of the Church, and her counselors, Sister Cook and Sister Dibb. The students sang the College anthem (the leaders later joined them for a second round), made a special presentation, and were taught by Sister Dalton and Sister Cook. They were then escorted through Sister Dalton's office where she visited with each student personally. The day concluded with a group photo on the grand staircase.

First Edition of Foundations of Learning Book is Published

After two years, the much anticipated Foundations of Learning book, first edition was finally published. Many students who had taken the class over the two years have requested their own copy of the book and anxiously await the release of the colored second edition (stated to be released Winter 2011). Demand was great enough that there was a second printing, and soon all of these books were distributed as well.
In addition to new readings and photographs (many taken by Foundations students themselves), the book includes many features designed to significantly enhance learning experiences. These features include questions to focus reading and augment personal reflection, learning activities, scripture boxes, various learning models, plenty of space for note taking, and ideas for further study and application. Return missionaries will find that the book has a familiar feel as its format is similar to that of Preach My Gospel.
The book also includes the first official publication of the College anthem, Rise and Shine Forth, and the release of the newly written Standard of Excellence.
Students have very much appreciated the book, and it is clear that those who are using it are getting so much more out of the learning experience than they ever have before. One student exclaimed that while he plans to sell most of his books back at the end of the semester, he wants to buy more of these to give as gifts.

Breakfast with the President:

Many of the students from Foundations of Learning enjoyed breakfast with the President and other College officials as they shared their most meaningful learning experiences from their first semester at the College. Many students indicated that while they had originally planned to transfer to another institution before they graduated from the College, they now want to finish their education at LDSBC. Most students thanked the administration for providing the Foundations experience as it has significantly enhanced their education.

Foundations of Learning Exhibition:

Students participating in Foundations of Learning culminated the semester with a spectacular exhibit featuring nearly one hundred student displays portraying various aspects of the Foundations experience.Many displays were like those you would find at a science fair, while some displays featured digital presentations and video. Most of the students seemed to indicate that this capstone project was an excellent way of synthesizing their learning throughout the semester and capturing some of the highlights of the course that were most meaningful to them.

Celebration of the Semester:

Students in Foundations of Learning celebrated their experience this semester with the President and other administrators and College personnel. The celebration included lunch and a talent show produced by the students.

Foundations Students present at Library Consortium Conference:

Students from the Foundations of Learning course were invited to be the concluding speakers at an annual Library Consortium Conference. They spoke about their class project to write a book that will be featured in a new section in the library for student works.

Foundations of Learning Students Present to the Executive Committee:

The CES Executive Committee met on the College’s campus Wednesday, April 23, providing administration the opportunity to showcase the College and its mission. During that assigned hour, presenters focused on three objectives: how the College’s distinctive role within CES impacts the student market it serves; how the College helps students; and how that is accomplished via a theme taken from the Case Statement—Enlighten Minds, Elevate Hope, Ennoble Souls. Committee members included Elders Russell M. Nelson, M. Russell Ballard, Earl C. Tingey and W. Rolfe Kerr, General Relief Society President Julie B. Beck, Roger Christensen, President Stephen K. Woodhouse, presidents of the other three CES universities, and others.
During the hour allotted to the College, committee members were treated to a variety of presentations. Throughout the presentation, they were exposed to students who participated in Foundations of Learning. From the moment they entered the building, they read quotes from Foundations students about their experience here. Later in the presentation, they saw a short video featuring Foundations students expressing what brought them to the College, and how they blossomed here.
The hour concluded with a short panel discussion by six students from the Foundations of Learning class, moderated by instructor Adrian Juchau, Director of Student Support. Prompted by questions from Brother Juchau, the students spoke briefly of how the College environment helps them learn as they experience personal growth and social opportunities.
Larry Richards summarized the event: “We tried to emphasize what makes LDS Business College distinctive in the CES system. In our preparations it became clear that our distinctiveness is in who we serve, which in turn drives what we do and how we do it, all for the purpose of helping build the youth of Zion. We attempted to share with the Executive Committee our passionate belief of and commitment to our role within the CES. The brethren and Sister Beck seemed pleased, and they reacted positively, particularly when it came to the interaction with students who participated in the presentation."

Foundations Students Featured on Flat-screens:

Many Foundations students have been featured on the College’s flat screens. Recently, the editor for the Church News was impressed with these students as he was passing through the College. This prompted him to encourage our students to submit their stories to the Church News.

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