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Vision and Strategy for the Future

LDS Business College

August 1, 2009
Purpose of the Document
To find the historical guidance that serves as the architectural plan from which we build the future.
To align our hearts and actions with that guidance and with what presses upon our hearts as we prayerfully seek to understand and follow the will of Heaven.
To identify key principles and concepts that will guide our actions as the College moves forward.
To select and prioritize several projects as the focus of our near-term efforts.
To establish an action plan that will sequence the selected projects and assist in managing their completion.
Six Expected Outcomes Resulting from Following the Document
A greater spiritual orientation and approach to what we do and how we do it, thus preparing ourselves for the doors Heaven may desire to open for us.
A clearer understanding of what we will value most as we look to the future.
A greater unity of heart among all who work at the College so we can align our desires and counsel together more effectively.
A greater unity of effort as we chart a course for the future.
Reduced confusion about our purpose, direction, who we serve, and how we serve them.
A commitment to move forward in faith knowing that Heaven will provide course corrections along the way.
LDS Business College
Vision and Strategy Statement - Summary
We cannot fail to grow ever better as we follow prophetic vision outlined long ago,[1] and reaffirmed and expanded in our day by the Board of Trustees. Our current understanding of this guidance leads us to the following:
The mission of LDS Business College is to provide an education rooted in the restored gospel of Jesus Christ that:
·         Offers practical, versatile, and marketable skills,
·         Establishes a firm foundation for life-long learning, and
·         Prepares disciples to effectively contribute to the building of Zion in their families, professions, communities, and the Church.
We are uniquely positioned to accomplish our purpose as we strive to:
·         Maintain a familial environment where people—regardless of background—can flourish, and 
·         Respond appropriately, adapting to individual needs and to an ever-changing world.
Ultimately, we are successful inasmuch as we are wise and faithful stewards and to the degree that we are worthy of, seek after, listen for, and act upon divine guidance.
Prophetic counsel offers clarification with respect to who we serve, how we serve them, and what we do:
Who:   We serve those who come with a variety of backgrounds, abilities and intents, who are committed to learn, and who want an educational experience that is distinctly LDS.  For many possible reasons, these individuals may be underserved by other CES institutions.
We must invite the Spirit more fully in all we do.
All who are part of the campus community can and must contribute to an educational experience done the Lord’s way.
We must do all we can to invite those who the Lord would have come to the College.
We must continually improve what is taught, how it is taught, and how we measure success.
We must continually improve the way we provide the support our students need that they may be prepared in all things appertaining to the callings with which they have been commissioned.
What: We are to provide both spiritually-based skills training and preparation for life-long learning.
In light of this guidance, we will focus our immediate efforts on the following endeavors:
·         Implementing a College-wide Education Model.
·         Aligning and improving student support services.
·         Enhancing academic programs.
·         Developing faculty and staff.
·         Refining recruiting, marketing, and outreach strategies.
·         Lowering per-student costs and improving operating effectiveness.