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Our Purpose

Dear Friend,
We are excited to introduce you to a program that has really helped us make the most of our experience at LDS Business College. Foundations of Learning has not only helped us in school, it has helped us develop habits of learning and living the Lord’s way in many aspects of our lives. This program can help you:
  • Understand the divine nature and destiny of LDS Business College.
  • Develop a vision of your potential and empower you to more fully achieve it.
  • Cultivate a greater understanding and love of learning and improve your ability to learn and grow throughout your life.
  • Effectively deal with challenges in school and in life.
  • Become a better student and person.
For us, Foundations has been spiritually uplifting and very applicable to life. In fact, it has changed our lives. If you want to have an experience that can change the way you think and live, and if you are willing to work hard and stretch yourself, we invite you to register today for Foundations of Learning.  Below you will find a brief description of the Foundations experiences offered this Fall.
We highly encourage you to participate in this inspiring program. For more information, please call 801.524.8172 or e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and a Foundations student will gladly assist you.
Best wishes,
Your friends and fellow students at LDS Business College
Foundations of Learning Students


This semester (Winter 2011) we will be offering ten sections of Foundations of Learning, each a little different from the other. Read below to help you determine which Foundations experience would be the best for you. (To toggle the display of additional information for each section below, click on the respective section's link.)
Section One: Meets Mondays and Wednesdays at 11:10 am
  • This section is facilitated by Adrian Juchau, the developer of the Foundations experience
  • This section is best suited for those who want to work hard and make the most of their Foundations experience
Section Two: Meets Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12:20 pm
  • This section is facilitated by Samantha Burila and Adrian Juchau
  • Samantha will introduce core concepts and Brother Juchau will help students explore them in greater detail
Section Three: This course is facilitated primarily in an on-line, independent study format
  • Be sure to call us at 801.524.8172 for more information
Section Four: Meets Mondays (only) at 10:00
  • This course is facilitated by Heather Bailey, a former Foundationsstudents, and Sister Harmer, one of our part-time faculty members.
Section Five: Meets Mondays (only) at 12:20
  • This section is facilitated by Chandler Hair, a former Foundations student and Sister Rasmussen, one of our service missionaries.
Section Six: Meets Tuesdays (only) at 8:50
  • This section is facilitated by Joseph DeLuca, a former Foundations student, and Elder Norman, one of our Service Missionaries
Section Seven: Meets Tuesdays AND Thursdays at 10:00
  • This section is facilitated by Steven Espinoza and Adam Salisbury, former Foundations students
  • This section is a block class; it meets twice a week for the first 7 weeks and then it is done – this allows you to apply the principles of the course sooner and devote more time to other classes toward the end of the semester
Section Eight: Meets Wednesdays (only) at 11:10
  • This section is facilitated by Holly Brinkerhoff, an LDSBC alumnus, and some of our service missionaries
Section Nine: Meets Wednesdays (only) from 6-7 pm
  • This section is facilitated by Sam and Stephanie Sherrill, former Foundations students, Sister Gillett, one of our part-time faculty members, and Sister Diane ????, one of our volunteers
  • This section may be frequented by members of another class from time to time
Section Ten: Meets Fridays (only) at 11:10
  • This section is facilitated by Tyler Larson and Tanner Andresen, former Foundations students
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