Professionally Prepared

After the PFP Conference, Day 2
Students crowded onto buses for onsite visits at some of the area’s companies, chose from among dozens of industry presentations to attend, practiced their interview skills with professional interviewers, had their resumes and portfolios professionally reviewed, and competed for prizes in business competitions.
“Day 2” of the College’s “Preparing for Professions” conference attracted nearly 500 students. The 60-plus employers from professions representing all the College’s programs hosted, taught, judged, interviewed, and counseled students.
The conference provided opportunities for students to discover their career interests, develop their personal talents, and demonstrate their abilities, said Craig V. Nelson, vice president of public affairs and advancement.” Those things are critical to being able to turn an LDS Business College education into a long-term, marketable commodity. In addition to learning the skills of their profession, students also need to develop skills beyond their academic skill set to help them find and keep a job,” he said, adding, “Were determined to give students an edge that will help launch their careers, and give them educational opportunities that will put them in good stead for the rest of their lives.”
Classes were replaced by both of the one-day conferences, held Jan. 25 and March 15, as a show of the institution’s support, Brother Nelson said. The conferences will be an annual event. “It’s one step in our continuing commitment to help students have everything they need to develop their careers,” he said