Windows Administration Certificate Consumer Information

Listed below is consumer information designed to help prospective students better understand how this program fits with their goals and plans.  The data was compiled in 2012.

Program Costs:

Tuition and fees for the 2 semester program:  $3,060
Books and Supplies for the entire program:     $975

Program Success:

70% of students who begin their studies in LDS Business College programs either completed the program in the first year or returned to the College to continue their program for a second year. 
Graduation rate:
XX% of graduates from one-year programs complete their degree within three semesters of their start date.

Student Debt:

27% of College graduates in 2010 graduated with educational debt.  
College-wide median debt for graduates (for loans disbursed in 2010-2013):
Federal Loans: $4,682
Private educational Loans:  $0
Institutional finance plan: $0
0 students who left or graduated from this program have defaulted on their Federal student loans.
Program Outcomes:
(Based on the College's annual placement survey)
Job placement rate for all graduates:    90% total
This program was recently added and specific placement information is not yet available.
Types of jobs graduates can find:
Windows Client Support
Systems Security/Server Administration


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