ENTR 150 Entrepreneurship (3) 
Prerequisite: None
Description: Explores the role of entrepreneurial business in the United States and the impact on the national and global economy. Evaluates the skills, attitude, and commitment necessary to successfully operate an entrepreneurial venture. Emphasizes the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship as a career choice and provides training on key elements of a business plan.

ENTR 210 Launch & Learn (3)
Prerequisite: ENTR 150
Description: This course is designed to give business and non-business majors the opportunity to launch a small business during the semester and learn from operating it.

ENTR 225 Critical Thinking for Business (3)
Prerequisite: None
Description: Develops critical thinking and reasoning capacities. Develops judgment skills and the ability to avoid rationalization in opinions and behavior. Focuses on practicing critical thinking skills in small groups.

ENTR 290 Business Modeling (3) 
Prerequisite: ENTR 150
Description: Draws on the students’ experience to evaluate a business concept and write a sound business plan. Includes assessing the strengths and weaknesses of a business concept, collecting and organizing market research data into a marketing plan and preparing financial projections. Also includes finalizing a comprehensive employment portfolio encompassing work done during the previous semesters.

ENTR 299 Entrepreneurship Mentoring (capstone) (2) 
Prerequisite: ENTR 290
Description: Applies classroom knowledge and activities to the actual experience of incubating a small business. Provides measurable learning objectives related to the degree competencies. A minimum of 60 hours of incubator work is required.