SELL 120 Introduction to Sales (3) 
Prerequisite: None
Description: This beginning course is designed to introduce the student to the benefits of persuasive selling and building relationships. Skills learned and practiced will benefit the student for a lifetime. Self-confidence will increase as a result of the opportunity to practice the skills of persuasive presentations. Provides an opportunity for the student to explore the possibility of a career in sales, although will benefit the student in any career chosen.

SELL 175 Intermediate Sales (3) 
Prerequisite: SELL 120 with a B or higher
Description: This intermediate course is designed to provide advanced training to further hone skills learned in SELL120. These skills include preparing and delivering effective presentations, relationship sales, longer cycle sales, advanced finding techniques, qualifying customers, negotiation skills and sales to specific markets.

SELL 275 Advanced Sales (3)
Prerequisite: SELL 175 with a B grade or higher
Description: This advanced course continues the learning and practice of advanced selling skills and techniques. Additional focus in on negotiating skills and conflict resolution. Advanced work in selling techniques, in-depth practice at closing the sale, BATNA. Significant practice in preparing and practicing major presentations for longer cycle, high volume, big ticket business-to-business sales.

SELL 299 Sales Internship (Capstone) (2)
Prerequisite: SELL 175; SELL 275 (may be taken concurrently)
Description: On-the-job application of knowledge and skills acquired in classroom study. Requires accomplishment of measurable learning objectives related to the Professional Sales Certificate competencies that can be documented and accomplished during the semester. .

NOTE: Students will be responsible for finding internship positions if they currently do not have full or part-time work as a salesperson. For assistance in finding an internship opportunity, contact the Program Director and Career Advising office one month prior to the beginning of the semester.