Professional Presentations and Interviews for March 15th, 2012 PFP Conference

Professional Presentations

Meet with professionals and learn about their industries, professions, and companies. Ask questions that will help you make decisions for the next step in your professional career. Here's a chance to discover what your future could hold.

Practice Interviews

Meet with professional interviewers to practice demonstrating the skills it takes to earn a job. You will receive honest feedback and suggestions regarding your interviewing ability, so that your interview is the one they remember when making hiring decisions.

Companies Represented

American Express • LDS Church Architects • ClearPlay • Hyatt Hotels and Resorts • LDS Church Public Affairs • Utah District Attorney's Office • Mass Mutual • Borge Anderson Photo • Disney • FL Smidth • Launch Leads • FamilySearch • Canyons Resort • WJ Bradley • Zions Bank • Tetra Corporation • Office Team • TEK Systems • Interior Design • CFO of Bio Solutions Company • LDS Church Social Media