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Official and Unofficial Withdrawals

Students receiving financial aid or scholarships should check with the Financial Aid Office before withdrawing or dropping any classes after the semester has begun.  Never just stop attending classes.

Partial Withdrawals

Partial withdrawals are when a student withdraws from one or more classes (but not all classes) during a semester.  Classes dropped during the first week of classes will not show on the student’s transcript.  Students who withdraw after the first week may receive a “W” which will show on the student’s transcript and will impact the student’s aggregate completion rate (see Satisfactory Academic Progress for more information).  Students wishing to drop or withdraw from a class must notify the Registration Office. 
Students who have a scholarship and drop below full time (below 12 credit hours) may lose their scholarship.  Students receiving financial aid (loans and grants) should check with the Financial Aid Office to determine how the withdrawal will impact his/her financial aid eligibility for the current and future semesters. 

Total Withdrawals

Students who withdraw from all classes during a semester must complete a withdrawal form or written notification of withdrawal and take it to the Registration Office.  Financial aid recipients may be required to repay all or part of financial aid received for that semester.  See Repayment of Federal Funds below.

Unofficial Withdrawals

Unofficial withdrawals are when a student stops attending all classes during a semester but never officially withdraws with the Registration Office.  These students will receive E and/or UW grades – both of which are failing grades and will greatly impact the student’s cumulative GPA and aggregate completion rate.  These students often lose financial aid eligibility for future semesters, and have to repay aid already received for that semester.  See Repayment of Federal Funds below for more information.  Satisfactory Academic Progress details the conditions under which a student will lose eligibility to receive financial aid.   

Repayment of Federal Funds

Students who completely withdraw (either officially or unofficially) from the College during a semester are required to return a percentage of their federal student financial aid.  Financial aid includes Pell Grants, Academic Competitiveness Grants, and Stafford and PLUS Loans.
The amount of repayment is based on the percentage of the semester completed. For example, if a student withdraws after completing 30% of the semester (calculated using calendar days), the student must return 70% of his/her federal student aid.  Students who withdraw after completing 60% of the semester are considered to have earned 100% of the aid paid and are not required to return any funds received. 
The date of withdrawal used to determine the percentage is the date written notification is received by the College (for official withdrawals).  Unofficial withdrawals for the semester may have the refund calculated using the 50% point of time in the semester unless the student can prove he/she attended the entire semester. 
Students who withdraw during the first 6 weeks of the semester may have some of their tuition refunded, according to the College's Tuition Refund Policy.  In cases where tuition is refunded and the student owes money back to a financial aid program, the refund from tuition will first be applied to the financial aid amount owing.  Students who cannot pay this back immediately will have a hold placed on their enrollment.  These students should contact the Cashier’s Office to make payment arrangements. 
A student has federal financial aid in the following amounts:
Pell Grant
Stafford Loan
If the semester has 95 calendar days and the student completely withdraws from the College on day 25, the repayment is calculated as follows:  25/95 = 26% of the semester completed, and 74% not completed.  Therefore, 74% of the federal aid must be repaid (i.e., $3,500 x 74% = $2,590.00 must be repaid). 
Withdrawal on day 25 would allow a 60% refund of tuition (see the College's Tuition Refund Policy).  If the student’s tuition was $1400, the tuition refund would be $840.  The $840 tuition refund would be applied to the $2,590.00 being returned in financial aid funds, which would leave $1,750.00 the student still needs to pay ($2,590.00 - $840.00 = $1,750.00).  When returning funds, the Financial Aid Office will return loan funds first (if any) and then grants if necessary.  

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