Associate of Applied Science in Business Information Systems

New enrollments are no longer being accepted for the Business Information Systems degree.

For students already enrolled for this degree, please see your academic advisor for information about completing your program.


The Business Information Systems program integrates the skills of business and systems operation management. Those who install, operate, and support small computer network systems, design software and systems, and know how to apply business principles are in demand in small businesses. System security is also a necessary skill in many offices. Skills you’ll acquire in the College’s BIS program include the following:

  • System design and analysis
  • LAN & WAN administration
  • Client support
  • Administration and security
  • Troubleshooting
  • Systems analysis and evaluation
  • Project management

LDS Business College is a Microsoft IT Academy. Students will receive training to take the following IT certifications exams listed below. Taking these exams is optional and require additional charges not covered by tuition.

Career Opportunities

This degree provides a wide range of skill for working with web and information technology. A complete listing of potential job descriptions is not possible. However, you will be prepared to work as a computer support specialist. In addition, you will be ready for entry-level positions as network administrators, database administrators, system analysts, and web developers. Click on the links below to read more information from Bureau of Labor on these positions.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, successful graduates will be able to:

  • Confirm personal testimony in the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Collaborate with others using interpersonal skills in an honest, ethical, and Christ-like manner.
  • Communicate effectively using written and verbal presentation principles.
  • Construct new knowledge using technology and information resource tools.
  • Comprehend and think critically to solve problems.
  • Cultivate a strong, professional work ethic and life-long learning opportunities.
  • Manage databases, software, hardware, infrastructure and staff to support management decision-making and strategic planning.
  • Provide networks, software, servers and workstations for effective operations and controlling an organization.
  • Design, plan and implement software and hardware solutions allowing an organization to innovate.
  • Solve unstructured technical problems and issues by applying a systematic method that documents solutions, and enhances this process with gospel principles.
  • Manage projects on time and on budget
  • Apply web and open source tools to support an organization's processes, management, and support efforts.
  • Articulate career preparation confidently using resumes, portfolios (if applicable) and interviews.

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