Integrated Studies combines career skills with general education classes to enable students to more easily transfer credit to a four-year institution. Students may add a general education component to any two-year program offered at the College. Students must complete at least 30 hours in a skill area before beginning the general studies component.

For example, a student who wants to eventually earn a bachelor’s degree could earn 30 hours in the Business Management two-year applied degree and then begin the general studies coursework while completing the remaining Management requirements. The student would then graduate from LDS Business College with an AAS in Business Management and an AS in Integrated Studies. The AS in Integrated Studies would meet general education transfer requirements at most institutions.

The Integrated Studies degree can be completed in one to two semesters beyond the time required for an applied skills degree. Some students will be able to complete both a two-year applied degree and an Integrated Studies degree in only five semesters. There are three options for the general education component of the Integrated Studies degree. Students may use any combination.

• Some general studies will continued to be offered by the College. These are listed in the College’s course catalog.
• Selected general studies classes are available through the BYU-Idaho on-line program. The BYU-Idaho independent studies classes must be completed within a specific semester. LDSBC students register in person at the LDSBC Registration Office.
• Propero is a self-paced online learning program developed by Pearsons Learning Solutions. LDSBC students register for Propero courses through the campus bookstore.

It is the responsibility of each student to meet with a representative of his or her transfer institution to discuss the specifics of how the degree meets that institution’s transfer and graduation requirements.

Career Opportunities

The Integrated Studies program gives students a quick entry into the marketplace now as well as the option for continued education to advance their careers later on. The eternal truths acquired in this distinctly LDS environment help build family and prepare the student for leadership in employment, the Church and community.


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