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Associate of Science in Integrated Studies


Integrated Studies is a powerful program that combines career skills with preparation to transfer to a four-year institution. It combines with any two- or one-year program offered at the College* and is a great way to prepare to earn while you learn.

The program works like this:


Any College program* added to the one-year general education offerings equals an Integrated Studies degree. You can complete the programs in any order.

For example, if you want to be a certified public accountant, which requires a master's degree, you could combine the Financial Managerial Accounting two-year applied degree program with Integrated Studies. You would enter the marketplace sooner, earn better wages, build your resume, and strengthen your professional network. If you want to become a lawyer, you could earn a Paralegal Studies two-year applied degree along with an Integrated Studies degree. If you intend to transfer, this is a great approach.

The Integrated Studies degree can be completed in two semesters beyond the time required for an applied skills degree. Some students can complete both a two-year applied degree and an Integrated Studies degree in a total of only five semesters.

The degree has been designed specifically to meet general education requirements of institutions in Utah and is recognized by accredited colleges and universities throughout the United States. Students complete classes in these areas:

  • Institute of Religion instruction to develop gospel understanding, insight, and personal moral values.
  • Collegewide courses to gain skills in written and verbal communications, human relations, mathematics, and computers.
  • General education courses to broaden perspectives by exploring fine arts, humanities, life and physical sciences, and social science.
  • American Institutions course to become a better informed and more responsible citizen.

*The Integrated Studies program does not work if you have an undecided major or are a Visiting Student.

Career Opportunities

The Integrated Studies program gives you a quick entry into the marketplace while you continue your studies. The courses in the skill areas provide experience that replicates real-world experiences as closely as possible. Your hands-on knowledge gives you a leg up in the employment arena. Because the program also focuses on continued education, you gain life-long skills that help your upward mobility. The eternal truths you acquire in this distinctly LDS environment help you build your family and prepare you for leadership to your employer, the Church and your community.

You will find career opportunities for each skills program on the web pages for that degree or certificate.

Once you complete the Integrated Studies program, you will:

  • Experience temporal and spiritual growth.
  • Acquire immediate skills to enter the job market in your area of interest.
  • Expand your earning options while you continue your education.
  • Enhance your critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Transfer to a four-year college or university.
  • Develop a life-long love of learning.

Learning Outcomes

  • Confirm personal testimony in the restored gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Collaborate with others using interpersonal skills in an honest, ethical, and Christ-like manner.
  • Communicate effectively using written and verbal presentation principles.
  • Construct new knowledge using technology and information resource tools.
  • Comprehend and think critically to solve problems.
  • Cultivate a strong and professional work ethic and life-long learning opportunities
  • Distinguish the purpose and main point in literary, scientific, and social science writing.
  • Interpret tables and graphs, use and evaluate formulas, order and compare numbers, and read scientific instruments.
  • Apply specific skills appropriate to the certificate included in the degree.
  • Qualify to transfer to a 4-year institution.
  • Use the critical thinking pattern in everyday situations.
  • Articulate career preparation confidently using resumes and interviews.

Emphasis Options:

The required credit hours will depend upon the emphasis selected. Counsel with you academic adviser the first semester or sooner to determine which emphasis will match your aptitudes and interests. Click on the links below for required courses and graduation requirements for each emphasis.

Click here for course descriptions.

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