January 25th, 2012 PFP Conference – Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Required to Attend the PFP #1 Conference on January 25?

All students who would normally have class on Wednesday are required to attend sessions, instead of going to their classes. Students who only have classes on Tuesdays or Thursdays should check with each of their instructors to find out if they are required to attend?

What Seminar(s) Should Students Attend? 

Students should check with their instructors to find out if they are assigned to attend any specific seminars. They can attend any other seminars of their choice, in addition to the seminars required by their instructors. Seminars are available to the entire campus community, on a first-come, first-serve basis. Students should arrive early so they can get into the sessions that they are required to attend. 

How Will PFP Conference Attendance be Tracked? 

Note: This procedure has changed as of January 20, 2012
Each student who arrives to each session on time will receive a presentation evaluation to complete. As they exit each session, they will exchange this completed evaluation form for a 'proof of attendance' coupon. They will then complete the requested information on the coupon (i.e., name, class, teacher, section #, title of session, etc.) and give it to their instructor to receive credit for attendance. 
Note 1: Some students may be required to attend the same session for more than one class. If this is the case, it is the student's responsibility to show the coupon to both instructors. Only one 'proof of attendance' coupon will be given for each session attended.
Note 2: Some instructors are also requiring write-ups or other follow-up assignments, in addition to the 'proof of attendance' coupons. Any arrangements beyond the 'proof of attendance' coupon are between the students and their instructors.
Note 2: If attending a certain seminar counts for more than one class, it is up to the student to make arrangements for credit with their instructors. Students are only given one coupon for each session they attend.