Interior Design Program Admissions and Color Board

Color Board Requirements

In order to be accepted into either the two-year Interior Design AAS degree or the one-year Interior Design Sales Associate certificate program, the applicant must have a minimum 3.0 grade average from high school to pursue a two-year degree or a minimum 2.0 grade average to pursue a one-year certificate.  Students transferring from a college or university must have a 3.0 grade average in all ID course work.  Perspective students must also complete a color board following the specifications listed below. All color boards must be submitted no later than September 1st for Fall Semester, December 15th for Winter Semester, or April 27th for Summer Semester. Color boards must be mailed or hand-delivered to the college to the attention of: LDS Business College, Admissions Office, 95 N 300 W, Salt Lake City UT 84101

Specifications for Color Boards

Create a sample board based upon the criteria listed below. You will need to make your own conclusions and interpretations. We do not have examples for you to see, nor do we give suggestions for the color board format.

  1. Mount color samples on a 9 x 12 matte board or a form core (available at art supply stores) that is in a color that enhances the samples. Neutrals are usually preferable.
  2. Choose samples for a living room to include the following:
    1. Paint colors for walls, trim and ceiling and any other wall coverings, fabric, etc.
    2. Floor coverings - i.e. carpet, stone, wood, etc.
    3. Window treatments - i.e., drapery, blinds, shutters, etc.
    4. Furniture finishes - i.e. wood, metal, plastic, etc.
    5. Upholstery fabrics - minimum of three
    6. Accent colors
  3. Affix materials firmly to the matte board so they do not fall off. Hot glue or double-sided carpet tape works well for heavy samples. There is also special mounting tape available that works well (available at art supply stores).
  4. Arrange the materials in an attractive manner on the board and carefully label each sample.
  5. You may use discontinued samples which are usually available from local design firms, furniture stores, etc. The College also has a sample library available to local students. It is located on the eighth floor in room 803 and is open during regular school hours.
  6. Your board will be judged by the Program Director and other Interior Design faculty professionals. The panel will be looking for ability in blending color, use of appropriate textures, and the professionalism of your board arrangement.
  7. Include your name, email,phone number and mailing address on the back of the matte board.
  8. Include a separate sheet with your name, address, phone number, email address and specific program (ID AAS degree or ID certificate) you are applying for and the date you mailed your admissions package to the college.
  9. Place your color board in a padded envelope (available at your local post office) and mail it Attn: Admissions 95 North 300 West, Salt Lake City, UT 84101-3500, or you may hand-deliver it to Admissions office on the 2nd floor.

You will be notified about acceptance into the ID program by email or return mail. The sooner you send in your color board, the sooner you will be notified and the greater your chances of acceptance.

Color boards will not be returned.