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To be considered for admission, students must:
  • Submit completed and signed Admission Application Parts 1 through 7 (available online at
  • Complete Student Commitment and Confidential Report (Part 3). 
  • If LDS, interview with your bishop and stake president and submit Part 3 to them. 
  • If not LDS, interview with an LDS bishop and submit Part 3 to him. Note: an ecclesiastical endorsement must be completed each year before Fall Semester registration. Endorsements expire March 1st of each year.
  • College transcripts (if transferring).
  • Submit nonrefundable $35 application fee.
If applicable, submit the following:
  • ACT results, if available.
  • Evidence of English proficiency if English is not your primary language. (Minimum internet TOEFL score of 66 with sub-scores of 17 in reading and writing, 16 in listening and speaking; computer TOEFL score of 173 or higher with all sub-scores at least 17; or paper TOEFL score of 550 or higher with all sub-scores at least 55; or an official Michigan test which includes a writing section with a total score of 80 or higher with subscores at least 78 and a speaking score at least 4.1.)
These exceptions may apply:
  • Applicants who are high school graduates who have not attended Seminary/Institute within the past year may self-report Sections 1 and 2 of Part 4 and return the form.
  • Part 5 is waived for students who have already graduated from high school.
  • All non-native speakers must provide evidence of English proficiency.  Evidence of English proficiency may include three successful years of grade level English (not ESL) in a U.S. high school or successful completion of English 1010 at the college level.  Contact the admissions office to see whether a TOEFL or Michigan test will still be required if you meet one of these conditions.
 All application materials must be received 10 days before the semester begins.