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Occasionally you may need to take some time off from school. Whether it is taking a semester off, returning home for an emergency or an illness or if you have decided to withdraw from school permanently, there are some things you need to keep in mind to protect your immigration status. Most importantly, you should always remember you have two types of status to maintain: your student status at LDS Business College, which is your eligibility to attend LDS Business College and is the same for all students; secondly, your immigration status, which is your eligibility to be in the U.S. as a student. While the two are interdependent, they are in fact maintained separately. For example, taking a semester off from LDS Business College will not affect your student status, however it may cause you to lose your immigration status if you do not meet eligibility criteria for an annual vacation. Remember, if you are in doubt or have a question, please see International Services before you make decisions that could affect your status.

Definition of Terms

Annual Vacation: Immigration allows you to take a semester off after you have completed two full academic semesters. This is part of your immigration status and is mostly taken during the summer. New students who begin winter semester are eligible for annual vacation after their first semester.
Withdrawal: If you plan to withdraw from school, you should inform International Services so we can process your immigration status properly. If you decide not to return to LDSBC and do not inform us, then we will cancel your status with a "Failure to Enroll" rather than a "Authorized Early Withdrawal." Both of these will cancel your immigration status, but a "Failure to Enroll" implies a failure to comply with immigration requirements and you could find yourself being questioned about it each time you enter the US. If you plan to be outside of the US for more than five months, we are required to cancel your I-20. If you inform us we can cancel the I-20 using "Authorized Early Withdrawal" as the reason.