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Transferring to LDS Business College from another school

To transfer to LDS Business College from another school please follow the procedures on the LDS Business College international admissions website. The LDS Business College website can be found here.

Transferring from LDS Business College from another school

If you decided to attend another school to finish your degree, or you decide to attend another school after finishing your program at LDS Business College, you will need to have your SEVIS record transferred to the new school before the new school will be able to issue you an I-20. You should follow the new school admission/transfer guidelines to be admitted to the new school. When you are ready to transfer complete the Transfer Out Request, and bring it to the International Student Office for processing.
Please be aware of the following issues associated with transferring to a new school.
The transfer release date may not be before the end date of the current LDS Business College semester/session and should be before the start date at the transfer school.
You may not work after your transfer release date. Transferring automatically invalidates your employment authorizations (on campus, CPT, OPT and severe economic hardship.)
After the transfer release date, LDS Business College will no longer have access to your SEVIS records and you will have to contact your new school to make any changes to your SEVIS records.
Your new school will not be able to print a new I-20 for you until after the transfer release date.
To complete the transfer process, please log into bcIntl and fill out a SEVIS Transfer Request Form.