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Family Ties

Class of ’09
Business Skills
California, USA
LDS Business College has a family feel because the people, especially the students, get along very well.   They try to find out about each other—their backgrounds and differences, their accomplishments. But even more, I’ve noticed that the teachers really get involved in the students’ lives. They really care, like they’re big brothers or big sisters, parents, grandparents. The faculty and students are all very, very family oriented. It’s wonderful.
I like that the College is right next to the Temple. Having the Temple next to us is a constant reminder. It represents what this school is, what it’s supposed to be, and how we’re supposed to treat it. It honestly is a place of learning, of higher education.
Having the Temple as a reminder, whether you see it from your classroom windows or your dorm windows or just on the street, is a constant reminder. It helps you understand your purpose and why you’re here and what you need to do and how you need to kind of go with the situation here, your education.
Education is more than just learning facts. Education is learning how to better yourself, how to become more Christlike, how to become that example, how to become a leader, how to use your talent and your ability to help others out.  I understand that the focus of this school is to help us become better, to be a higher standard and a higher example for others in the world. It helps us.
I would encourage others to come to this school. It is a school blessed by the Prophet for our learning. It is an opportunity. And the fact that it’s a smaller school means it’s more personal, and the faculty care so that if you don’t come to class they worry about you.  It makes a difference, just learning that people care and understand.
LDS Business College--being a temple of learning--means to me that when we come here we set a higher standard. We focus on becoming the greatest, the greatest leaders, the greatest examples, and whether it’s in the Church or in business or in family, regardless, this school helps you do that.
I think one of the benefits is the fact that there is a family bond here. There’s no cliques, no judgment, no fears of what other people are saying about you, how they react to how you look or talk or dress, or where you’re from or the trials that you’ve been through. People don’t look at that here. I don’t know why. I think it’s just because we understand that we’re a family and that we need each other. And here, this is what we have. This is our family.
I came here before I attended and talked to some of our advisors and counselors.  They really helped me understand what I was in for. They found out my interests and where I’m at in life, and kind of helped me go from there. Everything from registering to the first day in class it was clear that they love the students.  You can see it. It’s not just all talk.
I love the College, the whole thing—everything from even walking to class to the locations, the people—everything. It’s fun; it’s exciting. For once, I’m excited to learn, I’m excited to come to school. I’m excited to grow and to meet new people, and to be able to counsel with my teachers as well. It’s a tremendous opportunity. It’s a blessing.