How to Enroll In A Class

  • Open a web browser (like Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox)
  • Navigate to: MyBC
  • Login using your User Name and password
    • Your Username and Password are the same as your BeSmart application
  • Once you have logged in, click on:
    • Select "Self Service"
    • Select "Enrollment"
    • Select "Enrollment: Add Classes"
    • Select "Enroll in a class"
    • Select the correct semester for class enrollment (i.e. 2013 Fall Semester)
    • Now you must find the class numbers one of two ways:
      • First, you can search using the search option in Oracle
      • Second, you can search in the downloadable Class Schedules document (available for current and upcoming semesters)
    • After you have entered the class number in the correct field (in Oracle) you select the "enter" button.
    • A list of all classes will appear as you add all the classes you wish to enroll in.
    • Then select the "proceed to step two" button.
    • Once your on step two you can see all the classes you have chosen and proof them.
    • If your classes are correct select the "Finish Enrolling" button


Click here for printable instructions.