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Career Preparation & Exploration Resources

Career Preparation Appointments

Appointment Type

Appointment Length

1 résumé review 30 minutes
1 cover letter review 30 minutes
1 practice interview 30 minutes
1 résumé review & cover letter review 60 minutes
1 résumé review & practice interview 60 minutes
1 cover letter review & practice interview 60 minutes
1 résumé review, cover letter review, & practice interview 90 minutes

Job Search & Career Exploration Appointments

Appointment Type

Appointment Length

Job Search help orientation or follow-up appointments 30 minutes
Career Exploration orientation 30 minutes
Career Exploration assessment (ACT Discover) 60 minutes

Online Seminars & Resources Offered

Resource Type
Online Résumé Seminar (60 minutes)
Online Interviewing Seminar (60 minutes)
Résumé writing guides, checklists, samples, and other resources
Cover letter guidelines and samples
Interviewing and professional dress guidelines

Career Preparation Appointment Guidelines & Policies

How to Schedule Your Appointment

To sign up for a group or individual résumé or job search help session, please call (801) 524-8151 or go to the Academic & Career Advising Office between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

How to Prepare for Career Preparation Appointment

To have a successful appointment and make wise use of campus resources, you are responsible for completing and bringing the following for your mentoring appointment:
1. Complete and Bring the Appropriate Documents
Know Your Audience (KYA) Guide:
For all appointment types, choose a real or hypothetical internship or job that you could apply for in the near future. Conduct research on the position and company. Then record the information in the guide.
The KYA guide and guidelines for effective résumés, cover letters, and interviewing can be found in the 'Resources for Researching Your Audience' section of the Career Services on this site, or by clicking on the hyperlinks below:
Know Your Audience (KYA) Guide Effective Cover Letters
Effective Résumés Interviewing Skills
Other Relevant Documents
Bring the following to your respective appointment(s):
  • Résumé Review:
    • A hard copy of your KYA guide and résumé draft
    • Any résumé guidelines given to you by your professor (if applicable)
  • Cover Letter Review:
    • A hard copy of your KYA guide and cover letter draft; résumé is recommended
    • Any coverletter guidelines given to you by your professor (if applicable)
  • Practice Interview:
    • Dress professionally (as you would for a real job interview); résumé is recommended
    • 2-3 questions to ask the interviewer about the position (as one would for a real job interview)
2. Be On Time, Ready to Go, and Dress Appropriately
Appointments should only be scheduled during times where you can be on time and stay for the entire session. Students who are more than 5 minutes late, unprepared for their appointments, who leave early or are who dress in contradiction to LDS BC’s Dressing & Grooming Standards waive their right to participate in their appointment(s) and receive full credit for class assignments.