Prior to registration for English and math course classes, all entering students who have not taken the ACT, SAT, AccuPlacer or Compass tests or who do not have college-level transfer credit in English and math will take the Compass English and math assessment tests for placement. Math scores must be within the past 1 ½ years for math courses, the Personal Finance 101 course doesn't not have an expiration date for math placement scores.

Placement policies are as follows:

17 & under Under 435 80 & under

Reading 77 & under

Writing 67 & under

ELAN 87 & ELAN 101A

Listening/Speaking for Non-native Speakers


Intro to Coll. Writing Non-Native Stretch Part 1

After two semesters with passing grades, ESL students earn English 101 credit.

17 & under Under 435 80 & under

Reading 77 & under

Writing 67 & under


Introduction to College Writing Stretch Part 1

This is a two semester course for non-ESL students, who will earn English 101 credit with a minimum C grade. 

Students must complete all major assignments to receive a C in the course.

18 & over 435 & over 81 & over

Reading 78 & over

Writing 68 & over

ENG 101

Introduction to College Writing

Minimum grade: C Students must complete all major assignments to receive a C (minimum passing grade) in the course. 

Those with a wide range of scored in the English and Writing areas (i.e. high on reading and low on writing) may write an esay to determine placement in English 101SA or English 101. Placement will be decided by the English Program Director after essay is scored.
0-14* 0-359* Arithmetic 0-74

Pre-Algebra 0-39*

Algebra 0-24

MATH 90 


15-17 360-459

Arithmetic 75-120

Elem Algebra 0-59

Pre-Algebra 40-100

Algebra 25-29

MATH 97 


18-21 460-539

Elem Algebra 60-120

College Math 0-49

Algebra 30-64

College Algebra 0-29

MATH 104/106 


22-26 540-659 College Math 50-74

Algebra 65-100

College Algebra 0-29

MATH 110 


27-36 660-800 College Math 75-120

College Algebra


MATH 111/252


Students are eligible to take the MATH 110 challenge test to attempt credit for the College Alebra course.

18 and above 460 and above

Elem Algebra 60 -120

College Math 0-49

Algebra 30-64

College Algebra 0-29

FIN 101 


*ATB:        Compass: Pre-Alg. 25 Reading 62 Writing 32  +ESL Reading 70 and Grammar 64           

ACT 12 & under / SAT 330 & under: take a designated placement test to determine ATB       

College Success: Arithmetic 40  Reading 89                                          


Testing procedure: Students must schedule a testing appointment with the Testing Services on TutorTrac, by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling (801)524-1988. At their scheduled appointment they will need to bring a valid ID and pay the cashier’s office (2nd floor) the test fee. Test fees are as follows- English & Math (taken together) $30, tested separately English $20 and Math $15.

To Register

  1. Proceed to step #2 if you have already received notification of acceptance to the College and have renewed your ecclesiastical endorsement. Otherwise, see Admission Policy on page 15.
  2. Review carefully the course requirements and suggested semester sequence guides found in this catalog, along with any updated information from the College.
  3. Obtain a semester class schedule via the Internet ( ClassSchedule.htm) and determine when classes are offered.
  4. Register online at
  5. Pay required tuition and fees to the Cashier’s Office in person, by mail, or online ( by the due date listed in the current semester class schedule or in the Academic Calendar on page 6 in this catalog. Students who pay tuition after the tuition deadline will be assessed a $60 late fee and may be dropped from their classes. Students interested in or eligible for financial aid, should consult with the Financial Aid Office before paying tuition.

Compass Study Material

Click here to access the material. NOTE:  #6A should read 3a2b - ab + 3a2b2    This will be crucial to the other answers!
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