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The following information is provided as a courtesy only and should not be regarded as an endorsement.

Brigham Young University (Provo)

English Language Center (ELC)
BYU Campus, Provo
Phone (801) 422-2691
Language training; TOEFL for ELC students only, once per semester.

Eagle Gate Training (Salt Lake City)

405 S Main, Suite 130
Phone 287-9640
Language training only.

Excell Language Training (Salt Lake City)

2250 S Redwood Road #4
West Valley
Phone (801) 972-3395
Language training only.

Horizonte (Salt Lake City)

English as a Second Language Center (ESL)
1234 South Main
Salt Lake City
Phone (801) 578-8574
Language training only.

Internexus (Salt Lake City)

English as a Second Language Center (ESL)
455 East 400 South #202
Salt Lake City
Phone (801) 487-2499
Language training - Michigan Tests offered every other Tuesday; retake next calendar month.

Everest College (Salt Lake City)

3280 West 3500 South
West Valley
Phone (801) 840-4800
Language training
unofficial TOEFL for practice only.

Nomen Global (Provo)

384 West Center
Phone (801) 377-3223
Language training only.

Pace International Academy (Orem)

625 State St.
Orem, UT 84058
Phone (801) 899-4499
Language training only.

Salt Lake Community College (Salt Lake City)

Student Center
Room 234
Redwood Road Campus
Phone (801)957-4528
Language training only.

University of Utah (Salt Lake City)

English Language Institute (ELI)
201 South 1460 East
Salt Lake City
Phone (801) 581-4600
Language training and TOEFL testing.  TOEFL offered most days; retake next calendar month.

Utah Valley University (Orem)

English Language Center (ELC)
800 W. University Parkway
Phone (801)-863-8269
Language training only; COMPASS ESL offered for language placement (not acceptance).

Wizard Language School (Salt Lake City)

234 E 3900 S
Salt Lake City
Phone (801)-718-0525
Language training and TOEFL and Michigan testing.