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Accounting Course Descriptions

ACC 105 Financial Accounting (4)

Prerequisites: FIN 101 (may be taken concurrently)
Description: Examines accounting concepts and procedures and introduces the basics of accounting: accounting equation, transaction analysis and recording journal entries, accounting cycle, financial statements, matching concept, adjusting entries, closing entries, worksheets, subsidiary ledgers and special journals.

ACC 110 Accounting in QuickBooks (3)

Prerequisite: ACC105 with a C or higher
Description: Introduces computerized general ledger accounting.  Through projects, develops skills for applying accounting principles and procedures using accounting software, including sales/receivables, expenses/accounts payable, payroll, journal entries, chart of accounts, and automated general ledger. 

ACC 201 Intermediate Accounting I (3)

Prerequisite: ACC 105 with a C or higher
Description: Examines in more depth financial accounting procedures and reporting and evaluation of results of operations. Also focuses on revenue and expense recognition, working capital, and ratio analysis of financial statements.

ACC 202 Intermediate Accounting II (3)

Prerequisite: ACC 105 with a C or higher
Description: Covers plant assets, depreciation, depletion, amortization, corporations, stock transactions, retained earnings, installment sales, consignment sales, and equity financing. Students apply the skills learned by performing accounting service for a non-profit organization.

ACC 210 Advanced QuickBooks (3) (Capstone)

Prerequisites: ACC 110 with a C or higher; ACC 212 with a C+ or higher (may be taken concurrently)
Description: Includes advanced exercises spanning the full accounting cycle, processing revenue and expense activities, end-of-period adjusting entries, payroll processing, quarterly payroll liabilities payments, etc.  Uses a full range of transaction types throughout the course.  Emphasizes accurate identification and classification of transactions applied using QuickBooks functions.


ACC 212 Managerial Accounting (3)

Prerequisite: ACC 105 with a C or higher
Description: Explores the applications of financial statements, various types of  analysis; and costs, costing systems and schedules, job order system, process system, equivalent units, activity-based accounting, budgeting procedures, segmented reporting, responsibility accounting, and capital budgeting.

ACC 215 QuickBooks Certified User Test Preparation (1)


Prerequisite: ACC 110 with a C or higher; ACC 210 with a C or higher (may be taken concurrently)
Description: Reviews the applicable subject material covered in ACC 110 and ACC 210 to prepare the student to sit for the QuickBooks Certified User Test. Students who take the exam itself (not required by the course) will be charged a fee of $99 at the time of the exam..

ACC 223 Introduction to Tax Entities (2)

Prerequisite: ACC 105 with a C or higher
Description: Introduces tax concepts for various business entities. Includes basics of tax return preparation.

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