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To be considered for admission, international students must:
  • Submit completed and signed Admission Application Parts 1 through 8 (available online at
  • Complete Student Commitment and Confidential Report (Part 3). If LDS, interview with your bishop and stake president and submit directions for Part 3 to them. If not LDS, interview with an LDS bishop, and submit directions for Part 3 to him. Note: an ecclesiastical endorsement must be completed each year before Fall Semester registration. Endorsements expire March 1st of each year.
  • College transcripts (if transferring).
  • Submit Confidential Statement of Finances (Part 8) verifying available funding (2011-12 minimum amount of $12,600 U.S. for LDS members, or $15,700 U.S. for non-LDS, plus $2,000 per dependent) with accompanying international student affidavit of support if applicable.
  • Submit high school transcript or evidence of high school graduation.
    All applicants who have attended international schools will need to arrange for their academic documents to be evaluated by one of the following international transcript evaluation agencies: International Education Research Foundation (IERF) or World Education Services (WES)
    If you choose IERF, the required type of evaluation report is "Detail Report" for both high school (secondary education) and college/university documents. If you choose WES, the required type of evaluation report for high school (secondary education) documents is "DxD", and the required type of evaluation report for college or university documents is "CxC". Choosing alternate evaluations may result in additional fees and a delay in the assessment. We suggest that you arrange for your academic documents to be submitted to IERF or WES 4-6 weeks before our admission application deadline in order to allow enough time for the company to submit the evaluation to CES.
  • Submit nonrefundable $35 application fee.
  • Submit deposit in amount equal to three semesters of full-time tuition (fully refundable if the student does not attend).
  • If currently in the U.S. in F-1 status, submit verification of immigration status (passport # and I-94), copy of I-20 and status letter from transferring institution.
  • If currently in the U.S. but not in F-1 status, contact the admissions office for information on application to change status. Change of status will be considered only if valid under current BCIS regulations. Applicants entering the U.S. on a B (tourist) visa are ineligible to attend CES schools. Attendance is conditional upon receipt of F-1 status. Students who do not qualify or who do not receive the status requested may not attend.
  • Submit evidence of English proficiency if English is not your primary language. (Minimum internet TOEFL score of 66 with subscores of 17 in reading and writing, and 16 in listening and speaking; or paper TOEFL score of 550 or higher with all sub-scores at least 55; a Pearson test with 47 in reading, a 47 writing, a 45 listening and and a 45 speaking; or an IELTS test with a 6.0 composite score and 6.0 in reading, a 6.0 in listening, a 5.5 in speaking and a 5.0 in writing. The College's TOEFL code is 4414.
These exceptions may apply:
  • Applicants who are high school graduates who have not attended Seminary/Institute within the past year may self-report Sections 1 and 2 of Part 4 and return the form.
  • Part 5 is required only for Canadian and U.S. nationals.
  • If you plan to transfer to another CES institution after attending LDS Business College, either BYU, BYU-Idaho, or BYU-Hawaii, contact the institution you plan to attend for information on deposit requirements at that institution and the availability of the deposit for educational use.
All application materials must be received July 31 for fall semester, November 15 for winter or March 31 for summer session. Students may apply for admission online at, in person at 95 North 300 West in Salt Lake City, or by mailing materials to:
CES Admissions Office A-41 ASB
Provo, UT 84602.