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Tests Offered

The tests offered at LDSBC Testing Services are: Challenge Exams, Placement Tests, the

Post-Assessment Test, and Course Exams for accommodated students.
Challenge Exams
The Challenge Exams currently offered at Testing Services are English 101 (Intro. To College Writing) and Math 110 (College Algebra). A course can only be challenged once in your academic career and may not be challenged if the course has been previously failed, withdrawn from, or partial course credit has been received. The Math 110 Challenge requires a recommended placement score. The English 101 Challenge requires high placement scores and the English Director’s approval. The Challenge Exam fee for English and Math is $40 each. You must contact the Testing Services for a Petition to Challenge form before paying the fee.
MOS Certifications
Getting certified as a Microsoft Office Specialist is optional to any who is interested in certifying in Access, Word, Excel or PowerPoint. Licenses to take the certification exams can be purchased through the LDSBC Bookstore. Please contact Testing Services for further information. 
Placement Tests
The Placement Tests offered at Testing Services are the English Compass and the College Success Math Test. We do not offer the AccuPlacer, ACT, or SAT, however, placement scores that are less than 18 months old will be accepted. 
The English Compass is required for any student who has not taken the ACT or SAT and for whom English is their second language. This multiple choice test covers Reading and Writing. This test is required even if the TOEFL or Michigan have been taken. For further information or questions please contact Testing Services.
The College Success Math Test is required for any student who has not taken an accepted placement test in the past 18 months. This multiple choice test covers Arithmetic, Algebra, and College Math. 
Click here for information on current placement scores.
Post-Assessment Test (Graduation Test)
The Post-Assessment Test is graduation requirement for any GS (General Studies) or IS (Integrated Studies) Student. This test fulfills an institutional requirements for accreditation. It is similar to the standardized tests given in high school, but at a college level. The test measures students' ability in Critical Thinking, Reading, Writing, and Mathematics. It is a 2 hour timed test that can be taken at once or in two 1- hour blocks of time. Students should take this test during the semester they are graduating and can take the test as early as mid-semester. Please set up an appointment by going to TutorTrac.ldsbc.edu.
Course Exams
Student with documented learning accommodations can take course exams in the Testing Room as specified in their Request to Faculty for Accommodations Form received from the Learning Assistance Director. The student must contact their instructor 24 hours in advance to request approval to test in the Testing Room and set an appointment through TutorTrac.ldsbc.edu. This time requirement gives the instructor adequate time to get the needed materials and Test Request Form to the Testing Services.

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