GSO 125 Introduction to Global Supply Chain and Operations (3) 
Prerequisite: None
Description: Introduces the theories and practices of global supply chain and operations management through exploring topics including process management, logistics, productivity and capacity management, forecasting, inventory management, production planning, purchasing and supply management, ERP (Enterprise-wide Resource Planning), quality management and control, JIT (Just in Time) and lean management and project management. Students will test theory in real business situations through company projects.

GSO 126 Purchasing and Supply Management (3) 
Prerequisite: GSO 125
Description: This course provides students with a broad overview of purchasing, supply management and logistics functions. Focuses on the upstream supply chain activities of supplier selection, procurement, management, development; as well as negotiation, costing, product development, and commodity analysis. Includes an introduction to downstream activities of logistics, warehousing and distribution.

GSO 127 Quality Management (3) 
Prerequisite: GSO 125
Description: Provides a comprehensive knowledge of the concepts of quality management, strategic issues, philosophies, and tools including Six Sigma and SPC (Statistical Control Charts) for controlling quality. Develops skills in using the contingency theoretic approach to solving quality problems in organizations across multiple industries.

GSO 225 Global Logistics (3) 
Prerequisite: GSO 125
Course Content Charge: $52.50
Description: Integrates materials management (inbound transportation), physical distribution (outbound transportation), inventory management, warehousing, facility location, customer service, packaging, and materials handling. Enables students to optimize complete logistics systems through the use of business cases and live company projects. Also, trains students in the correct use of documentation and geographically disparate logistics challenges, including environmental and humanitarian challenges in the global environment


GSO 226 Global Supply Chain & Operations Strategy (3) [Discontinued Fall 2015]
Prerequisite: GSO 126, GSO 127
Description:Requires students to combine the knowledge and skills developed in prerequisite courses in order to produce outstanding and effective individual and group projects. Projects will include integrative and creative problem solving in designing and managing cohesive value-added conversion/transformation systems in a global environment; appropriate application of supply chain theory, including risk taking in supply chain business scenarios; and influential, persuasive communication skills.

GSO 299 Global Supply Chain & Operations Internship (2) 
Prerequisite: GSO 126, GSO 127
Description: Students work as individuals or in teams on supply chain and operations management projects for affiliate companies. Students use the breadth of knowledge and skills developed in prerequisite courses in order to focus on a specific area to solve problems,
gain industry experience, create contacts and strengthen the relationship between affiliate companies and LDS Business College.

NOTE: Students are free to find appropriate internship placements through their own efforts. For assistance in finding an internship opportunity, contact the Program Director and the College Employment Center one month prior to the beginning of the semester.