Dry Cleaner's Inventory Saved from Fire by LDS Business College Students and Others

Dry Cleaner's Inventory Saved from Fire by LDS Business College Students and Others

D. Louise Brown
Students, faculty, staff members and bystanders had just eight minutes to remove everything they could from the dry cleaning establishment located across the street from the LDS Business College. Firefighters, battling a blaze Monday, March 10, that threatened to consume the strip mall where Henrie's Dry Cleaners is located at 466 East South Temple, called to the crowd of onlookers for help.
"They told us we had about eight minutes to get everything out of the building that we could," said Tyler Morgan, LDSBC dean of instructional support. Within those few minutes, everything inside the building not bolted down was removed. "You couldn't have organized it better. No one was saying anything, people were just getting it done," said Morgan. The room had an "eerie" feeling to it; smoke had not yet come inside that part of the mall, but was billowing outside from the attic above. "I felt safe because we'd been given the green light to go ahead," Morgan said.
Matt Tittle, LDSBC assistant dean of students, helped empty the building. "We grabbed everything as fast as we could. The clothes were out in a couple of minutes, then fixtures, computers, registers, and then they even started carrying out the counters." Everything, including the business license hanging on the wall, was carried out. "An interesting comment I heard from one of the firefighters was that it was great they didn't have to worry about looting, that in other parts of the country people would be running off with the stuff. It made me feel great," Tittle said.
Boyd Henrie, president of Henrie's Dry Cleaners chain, had high praise for the help. "Those kids were so neat, and so strong. They just went in and out so fast. They carried out all the clothing, and all the equipment, computers, even the counters." Henrie was particularly grateful that over 630 orders of clothes and the business's computers were saved. "If those clothes and the computers had burned, then anyone from anywhere could have claimed they had an order that had burned. It gives me chills," Henrie said.
A letter written from the company to the College stated, "We wanted to express our gratitude for your help and kindness during our fire on Monday. When we share the story of the human assembly line you formed to remove everything from our store, people are truly astounded. The future is absolutely in marvelous hands with young people like you."
March 13, 2003

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