Assembly Hall is New Devotional Venue

“This is the last time we’ll hold a devotional in this building,” President Larry Richards of LDS Business College told hundreds of students packed in the campus’s main floor meeting room on Tuesday, Feb. 5. Those assembled in other rooms throughout the campus, watching the devotional by broadcast, also heard—and welcomed the message. Next week on Tuesday, Feb. 12, the students of LDS Business College will, for the first time in recent history, assemble for a devotional in one place—the Assembly Hall on Temple Square. Elder Paul V. Johnson, Church Commissioner of Education, will be the first devotional speaker to address students there.
LDSBC students are no strangers to the Assembly Hall. The college’s annual Commencement exercises were held there for the past century, until last year when growing numbers necessitated that event’s move to the Tabernacle.
President Richards and other college administrators look forward to the possibilities the new venue will offer.  “We’re confident our students’ devotional experiences will be enriched as they assemble in one place. And we’re grateful to Church leaders who’ve made this possible,” he said. 
The 126-year-old college moved to its eighth campus on the corner of North Temple and 300 West in downtown Salt Lake City in 2006 with a student population of 1200. Even then, there was no venue that would accommodate the entire student body. As their numbers grew, exceeding 2,000 this semester, the need for a place to assemble also grew, as did their desire.