Online Payments

Online Payments

Students can pay their account balance in their MyBC. Payments can be made with eCheck (no fees) or with Credit Card (2% convenience fee will apply).


If you have any questions about your account balance or making payments online, we are happy to help!

Charges and Payment (Billing & Cashier’s Office):
801-524-8143 or 801-524-8153

Financial Aid:

How to Make Online Payments

Go to MyBC, enter your Student email (the NetID you created when applying) and click "Next". From there you will then be taken to your LDS Account login screen. Using your LDS Account access credentials will take you to your MyBC. If you are experiencing issues logging in, please contact the IT Helpdesk at 801-524-8119 or at

MyBC login screenshot


LDS Account Login screen


Navigate to the Student Center (LDS Business College> Student Center).


ORACLE Screenshot


Click “Make a Payment” to be taken to the Student Payment Portal.


ORACLE screenshot


Logging in will take you to your Student Payment Portal, were you may view your official tuition bill under “Your eBills”, and you may make an online payment by clicking “Make a Payment” at the top of the page.

Screen shot of Student Payment Portal


Your full balance will automatically populate in the “Pay Amount” field, but you may enter any amount if you wish to pay less than the total balance.

The balance you see available to pay will be what you owe minus any pending financial aid or LDSBC scholarships.

Screen shot of Pay Amount field


Select the method by which you wish to pay. Please note, credit card transactions are charged a 2% non-refundable convenience fee from the credit card processor. Electronic Check payments are not assessed a convenience fee.

Screen shot of payment method options



Enter your credit card information as directed on the screen below, and click “Continue Checkout”.

Screen shot of credit card information fields


After filling out your card details, you will agree to the convenience fee charged by the credit card processor.

Screen shot of fee acknowledgement


Once you click “Continue checkout” after the fee page, you will be taken to the payment confirmation page.

Screen shot of payment confirmation page.




To make an Electronic Check payment, simply obtain your checking account number and routing number from a personal check, or contact your bank to obtain the information.

Be aware, many banks automatically block electronic check payments directly from savings accounts. If you are not sure your savings account can support an electronic check payment, you may need to transfer the balance to a checking account, or verify with your bank that you may pay out of your savings account.

Screen shot of eCheck screen


Once you have filled in your account information, please click “Continue Checkout” to view the terms of service agreement, and click “Continue checkout” again.

Screen shot of terms and conditions check-box


In Conclusion, you will be shown the confirmation page, where you must check the box labeled “I agree” to agree to allow the processor to withdraw your payment from your account, then click “Submit Payment”

Screen shot of confirmation page


Once you have completed your payment, a receipt will be sent to the email you provided during the checkout process. Your student account balance will not automatically update immediately following the transaction, so do not be alarmed if you see a balance right after paying.

If you wish to ensure that the online payment process completed, simply sign out and sign back in to your Student Payment Portal.

Screen shot of Student Payment Portal