Social Media Marketing


Social Media marketing jobs outnumber qualified candidates. Come learn through real-life experiences the strategy and tactics it takes to launch a campaign and a career. Many social media experts have some know-how, but don't understand the strategy and analytics required for a successful campaign.

Student View

Our Social Media Marketing degree is in such high demand; several of our students are being hired after their first class. Meet Kamie Fischer.

Career Overview

Learn about the future of Social Media Marketing from industry thought leaders. This disruptive innovation is redefining marketing, as we know it.


Why come to LDSBC? It's simple. 90 percent of our graduates are placed in a career or chose not to go to work.

Career OppOrtunities

There are far more job opportunities in Social Media Marketing than qualified candidates to fill them. That's why many of our LDSBC Social Media students get well-paying jobs after just one class in the program. Companies are eager to hire people with both the strategy and skills necessary to manage their social media and are willing to pay for it. Some students are currently working on campaigns for companies like the NBA, NBC, Social Stewards, PMD, LDSBC and others are managing the entire social media marketing efforts for small to mid-sized businesses. If you plan to design your career in Social Media Marketing there are really four main career paths you could focus on:

  1. Content Creation
  2. Customer Service
  3. Advertising/Customer Advocacy
  4. Analytics

Required courses and graduation requirements