Fall 1999

James O. Mason


"Worshiping the Living Christ"

Worshiping the Living Christ

It's wonderful to be invited to come to LDS Business College to speak to you in a devotional. As I look out upon you, the students, I'm impressed. I've never seen a finer-looking group of young people in my life, and I've had a lot of experience at teaching and visiting colleges throughout the country. I'm proud of you. I know your parents are proud of you. I know that President Woodhouse and the faculty are proud of the wonderful students that attend this great college. I have had the privilege of working with graduates of LDS Business College, and they are good people. They are well-prepared. They are able. They are confident. So, I look into your faces and see your potential. What you are going to contribute is a result of your having entered this school and is a result of the preparation that you have made before coming here and the things that you will do hereafter.
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