Summer 2013

Leslie Robbins


"What Is Saving Your Life Right Now?"

What Is Saving Your Life Right Now?

Recently I’ve been cataloguing my life through the lines of a poem by James Wright, and it says: “Suddenly, I realized that if I would step out of my body, I would break into blossom.” And I know that today, in preparation for this time together, this is exactly how I feel. It’s one of those moments where you’re eternally happy and grateful and you can feel little shimmers of holiness.

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Dr. Carolyn S. Brown


"Let Go and Trust the Lord"

Let Go and Trust the Lord

Thank you, choir, for that beautiful rendition of one of my favorites. Another favorite is the hymn that we sang at the beginning, and Adam, you touched on a subject that I was originally going to talk about today.  But given some of the things I’ve learned from students in my interpersonal communications class this semester and just listening to students in the hall, I was prompted by the Lord to go in a different direction. I am grateful for this opportunity, though a daunting one, to speak to you today and it is my humble prayer that the Spirit will prompt you to hear whatever you need to hear from this message.

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Spencer Degraw


"7 Keys to Happiness"

7 Keys to Happiness

What makes me happy is.....

  1. Having my wife by my side.
  2. Having my son come and hang out with his old man today.
  3. Having another son on a mission.
  4. Chocolate makes me happy.

Some might consider happiness as relaxing and not feeling the stress of having to reach certain milestones in life.... it might look like this:

Others might consider that happiness is being able to do what we want, when we want ....

I envision it looking something like this:

Happiness can affect our lives in many different ways.

For example, being unhappy could cause problems for us. I had a boss whose personal philosophy in dealing with unhappy people looked a lot like this:

Regardless of how we define it, the desire to be happy is a fundamental part of being human.

Father Lehi taught his son Jacob:

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